How to Get the Perfect Look While Also Being Practical: Pockets, Budget & Comfort


When shopping for a formal dress for prom or another occasion, it’s important to many people to be practical. Not everyone has an unlimited budget or wants to spend money on a dress they’ll never wear again. In addition, it is so worth it for your dress to work for you on your special night. Investing in a quality gown that has everything you need is the best way to save money and look good!

Dresses with Pockets

Women’s clothing, especially dresses, never have pockets! While not all dresses are able to have pockets, there are some places where you can find dresses with side pockets. This makes it so much easier to keep track of your belongings on prom night. You can easily store your phone and wallet in a pocket and have it on you the whole night. Carrying a purse or handbag may not work with your dress and is easy to lose during the night. Pockets are one of the most practical aspects of any formal dress, if you can find one with them.
Faviana Style S10252 - Girl twirling in a red satin ballgown with pockets

Faviana has several styles with side pockets perfect for holding on to your things. Faviana Style S10252 is a lovely satin ball gown that features side pockets for convenience. It comes in many colors to fit your unique style and is a timeless gown. Faviana Style S10435 is a chiffon gown with side pockets that has a v neckline and beaded waist. 

Stick to A Budget

Faviana Style S10685 - Girl in Dark Green Dress Sitting on Pink Couch

If you’re shopping on a budget, you can still find beautiful dresses that speak to you. Look for styles that are simple and classic. These tend to be priced lower than flashy and trendy styles. They are also a way to save money in the long run because they can be worn again for different occasions or passed down to family members. Classic dresses can be sold as well because they will never go out of style. 

Faviana Style S10684 is a timeless jersey gown that laces up in the back. It comes in multiple colors and is perfect for prom, formal occasions, weddings, and more. Faviana Style S10685 features a shirred waist and a v neck. It has a fit and flare skirt and comes in classic colors. These two dresses sell for lower retail prices than other styles with headstones, fancy sequins, or lac appliqué. 

Choose Comfort

One of the most important practical things to think about is comfort. You don’t want an itchy dress or one that doesn’t fit. It will make your whole night miserable. Find fabrics that are soft and make you feel good. Also think about the details. Do you want a zipper or lace up back. Lace up backs are convenient for sizing so you can make the dress fit just right. You don’t want it moving around when dancing or falling off.

Faviana Style S10646 - Girl in Costal Blue V-neck Gown Sitting On Couch

Some of our favorites include the Faviana Style S10646. This bold dress comes in bright colors but doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It has an invisible zipper and shirring in the back for a perfect fit and is made out of stretch charmeuse that will mold to your body. Another great choice is the Faviana Style S10641. This stretch faille satin dress is comfortable and has a lace up back so you can adjust the fit without losing style.

Next time you go shopping for a formal dress, be sure to remember these practical tips. Follow us on Instagram (@faviana), TikTok (@favianany), & Twitter (@favianany) and share what great dresses you find!

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