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How To Make French Press Coffee And Princess Toast


Only true princesses eat princess toast while sipping on fine french press coffee. Feel like true royalty after making this simple yet mouth watering meal. Looking to impress your friends at your next slumber party or just want to treat yourself one Sunday morning, we have just the meal for you. All you need is a little sugar and spice and to follow our quick steps on how to make french press coffee and princess toast like the true princess we know you are! 😉

French Press Coffee And Princess Toast – First Toast!

There are only four essential ingredients you will need to make the perfect Princess Toast.

  • Bread
  • A Toaster
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese

Once you have checked off all of the items above, you can first start by toasting the bread. Make sure you have a toaster handy to make this possible. Toast the bread to whatever level you enjoy eating. You may prefer lightly toasted or extra crispy. Once the bread is toasted to your satisfaction, take the bread out of the toaster and place it on a plate. You will then use the proper utensils to spread your favorite strawberry cream cheese onto the toast. Again, lightly coat the bread or glob that cream cheese on. There is a variety of different strawberry cream cheese brands that you can choose from, like the famous Philadelphia or even cheaper store brands. You can buy either original, whipped, or 1/3 less fat. After you spread your favorite strawberry cream cheese onto the bread, it’s sprinkle time! Sprinkle rainbow sprinkles all over the bread and don’t stop sprinkling until you are ready to devour!

French Press Coffee And Princess Toast – Then Coffee!

Princess toast just isn’t complete without a delicious, hot french press coffee. Again, only four easy ingredients to make french press coffee.

  • Boiled Water
  • Coffee Grinds
  • French Press Machine
  • Cream

In order to make french press coffee, make sure you have a french press coffee maker! These are cheap and easy to find at local stores such as Target, Walmart, or Marshall’s. First, you will add coffee grinds to the french press maker. Choose a coffee brand that you enjoy drinking and like best. After placing the coffee grinds into the french press maker, pour boiling water in and try not to spill! Now to make the coffee, all you have to do is “press” down and grind the ingredients. Once the coffee is ready, mix in cream or even sugar to acquire a sweet taste. Sip and enjoy!

French Press Coffee And Princess Toast – Enjoy!

And there it is ladies. Only a few simple steps and just eight necessary ingredients to make a yummy princess toast and french press coffee. You can’t get a meal much better than this that’s easy to make, delicious to eat, and even pretty to look at! Bring out your inner princess by making our princess toast and french press coffee.

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