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How to Make Your Galentine’s Day Unforgettable

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Valentine’s day is cool, but slightly overrated if you ask us. This year at Faviana, our heart eyes are fixed on Galentine’s Day.  

We can thank one of our favorite binge-worthy TV shows, Parks & Recreation, for the idea of Galentine’s day. The main character, Leslie Knope, came up with the idea to host a Galentine’s Day party every February 13th by establishing a celebration centered around the inspiring leading ladies in her life.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love for the people who matter most to you. Who says the holiday is confined only to romantic love? If you find yourself bummed out about the idea of spending another Valentine’s Day alone, or just simply need an excuse to spend a well-planned day with your girls, remember that the ladies in your life deserve to be celebrated just as much as any boyfriend! To assure that your Valentine’s is one for the books, follow Faviana’s best tips on how to spend your Galentine’s Day.


Step 1: Pick a Proper Venue

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Where to host the party may be the toughest decision you have to make. Do you want to take your ladies out to a fun restaurant for brunch, where the waffles are fluffy and the omelettes are tasty? Or would you rather host in the comfort of your own home? You know your girl squad better than we do, so pick what you think they would like best! If you chose to celebrate at a restaurant, be sure to make a reservation far in advance. Given that it’s a major holiday, simply walking into a restaurant to be seated may prove tricky. If you’re in need of some inspiration, be sure to scroll through our selection of the Most Instagram Worthy Restaurants in New York City. If you decide an at-home soiree is more your style, get creative! You can make the party a potluck by having all your girls bring their favorite dish, or you can host a movie marathon, scattering pillows and blankets around your room and popping a generous amount of popcorn. Believe us when we tell you that when it comes to Galentine’s Day party ideas, the sky’s the limit.


Step 2: Master the Menu

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Before calling a restaurant to solidify a reservation, we recommend browsing through their menu to assure they have two to three entrees that you know your friends will love. Doing so eliminates the awkwardness of subjecting your friends to an unappealing menu. No one wants to see their girls picking at the bread basket all night instead of enjoying a meal of their own. Another way to side-step a limited menu selection is to pick the potluck route. When everyone brings their own dish, each person is sure to bring something that they enjoy eating themselves. This is a fun way to be creative while still keeping an eye out for your vegetarian or gluten-free gals. If you need ideas for a dish of your own, check out our article on 4 must-try Valentine’s Day recipes.

Step 3: Set the Scene

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Another way to spice up a party hosted at home is to utilize some amazing decor. Forget your typical Valentine’s Day decor; with our help, every inch of your space will be Instagramable. Check out our Galentine’s Day board on Pinterest to find a few easy, but beautiful, ideas to get you “pinspired” and looking forward to your celebration.


Step 4: Create the Perfect Galentine’s Day Playlist


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To set the mood, create the perfect playlist for you and your girls. For this party, you may want to leave out ballads like John Legend’s All of Me and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Instead, search for classic hits that scream girl power, like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, and Wannabe by the Spice Girls. If you want to kick your playlist up a notch, make it visual by arranging a YouTube playlist that features each song’s music video. If you’re afraid you may not be the hostess with the mostest, remember that a great soundtrack goes a long way.


Step 5: Dig into Desserts

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Girlfriends and dessert go together like dessert and well, everything else. While you can always stock up on pints of Ben & Jerry’s, don’t be afraid to take a change and bake something delicious. When it comes to finding new tasty recipes, Pinterest is always key. Here are some of our favorite dessert ideas from our Pinterest.

All in all, being single does not mean that you have to spend your Valentine’s Day wishing you had somebody to love. If you look beyond the holiday’s association with romantic relationships, you will discover that you have so many ladies in your life who love you just as much as any boyfriend would. This February, show your gals you care by hosting a legendary Galentine’s Day celebration that they never knew they needed. Be sure to share pictures from your party by tagging us @Faviana on Instagram, and follow our Twitter @FavianaNY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun tips and tricks.




Written by The Faviana Team
Edited by Erica Fouts

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