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How to Prep Your Nails for Prom


We have shared some of our best tips for prom hair prep, skin prep and tips on how to do your prom body prep, so now it’s time for nail prep! Keeping your nails healthy is the key to having them looking their best from prom night. Even if you’re an acrylic nail addict, we have you covered for easy ways to make your nails healthy and beautiful before prom. Here are Faviana’s best tips for How to Prep Your Nails for Prom!

One of the best ways to keep your nails healthy is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet will keep your nails strong and healthy. Also be sure to focus on getting enough protein and vitamins to maintain nail strength! If a healthy diet isn’t enough, here are a few more tips for how to supplement your nail health.


While having long nails often seems like a must-have fashion statement, it is actually much healthy for your nails to be kept shorter and trimmed. Trim your nails in a rounded shape in the weeks leading up to prom, this will help reduce the possibility of catching your nail and ripping or breaking it. Also be sure to keep a file in your bag to remove any rough edges. Don’t forget to keep your toes trimmed too! Everyone wants their toes looking fabulous to show off those gorgeous heels.

Clear coat

Keeping a clear coat on your nails is a great way to keep your nails safe before a prom manicure. This will deflect scratches, and help your nails to build up strength under the polish. Try also keeping a clear coat on your toes to prep them for that perfect prom pedi!

Don’t bite!

While for many it seems like an impossible habit to break, try to reduce nail or cuticle biting prior to prom. Try using a stress ball or something to keep your hands occupied when you think you might have the urge to bite them, and keeping a color on them could also deter you from biting. Nail biting is often a sign of stress, so don’t forget self care to reduce stress leading up to prom!


It may seem odd, but keeping your nails and hands moisturized is an amazing way to keep your nails healthy. Just as you might apply lotion after the shower to your legs and arms, make sure to apply a moisturizing salve or balm on your nails and cuticles. Also try to moisturize your cuticles throughout the day when you think of it, because healthy cuticles create healthy nails!

Paraffin Dip

While this is a pricier option, a paraffin wax dip works wonders on nail health. This is done at a salon, and involves dipping your hands into moisturizing wax. This allows your nails and skin to absorb the moisture and nutrients from the wax, giving you prom ready hands. This is an option if you are looking for a salon quality fix!

What are your nail care tips from prom prep? Do you have a nail care routine that works for you? Let us know what you think by tagging our Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY! And do not forget to try one of our gorgeous prom dresses by Faviana.


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