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How To Prepare For A Job Interview


Whether you’re applying to your dream career or are looking for a school credited internship, having a great interview is the key to landing the position. We’ve collected some of our best tips from our personal experiences with interviewing for jobs and internships. We also had Erica, our Human Resources Manager here at Faviana, give us some of her tips for great interviewing! We’ve broken this up into two parts, this first part focuses mainly on preliminary interviews, especially virtual or phone interviews, as that is often the first step in the interview process. Here is our very best advice on How to Prepare for a Job Interview: Part 1!

Be Prepared

For virtual interviews it’s always key to have all your materials organized before the interview. Write down/outline ahead of time all the reasons why you want to work there: why you would do well at the job or internship, your skills specific to the job – do this in easy to read bullet points, and add reasoning if needed so you can back anything up. For example: strong leadership skills – I was student body president. Also be sure to have all your paperwork in front of you before the phone call/video call starts, such as resume and portfolio.

Dress Professionally

While virtual interviews seem like you could just be in your pajamas, dressing up is sometimes a great way to get in the zone. If it’s a Skype interview, make sure you look professional and on brand from at least the waist up (you can wear sweatpants on the bottom if that gives you a comfy confidence boost). Treat virtual interviews as you would in person, and be sure to maintain a professional demeanor.

 Appropriate Setting

Be sure when scheduling the interview that you are truly available at that time and on that day, and ensure that you are able to go to a quiet and private location. Avoid any kind of background noise that could distract you or your interviewer, and position yourself in front of a solid colored wall or background. If it is Skype interview, confirm that you have a solid internet connection before the time of the call.

 Use Relevant Examples

With phone interviews you are relying entirely on your words to make an impression. While this is intimidating, the key is to have relevant examples ready to go. Tone is also important to take note of, as well as keeping your voice at an even, relaxed pace. One of Erica’s major tips for phone interviewing is “During your phone interview, express enthusiasm and make an impression through using your words and pay attention to tone.” Remember that everything you have done has given you some type of experience – transferable skills baby! Did you babysit? Great, you’re good at working under pressure, you’re responsible, and a great multi-tasker. Work at an ice cream shop? You have customer service experience, you’re good under pressure (hello, Saturday nights), and have strong interpersonal skills.

Do you have any foolproof interviewing tips? Have you landed your dream job or internship with a virtual interview? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY!


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