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How To Prevent a Wardrobe Malfunction


A lot of times when we go out, we choose a complicated wardrobe. Strapless and backless dresses are great to wear in the summer, but makes it impossible to wear the appropriate undergarments. None of us want anything to slip or malfunction, right? Well, Ms. Faviana has 3 things for you to do to prevent a wardrobe malfunction from happening!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Cover Ups

The first item to prevent a wardrobe malfunction is using silicone cover ups. Hollywood Fashion Secrets has them for only $16, and they’ll definitely be a life-saver! They’re simply brilliant and will stop anything from showing underneath. These are ideal to wear with complicated tops or dresses, especially if they’re sheer or see-through.

Prevent a Wardrobe Malfunction With Nippies

The second option is Nippies Basics by Bristols 6. This is great if you don’t want something as heavy as silicone, and want to save an extra $6! Nippies or petals give you really good, smooth coverage and will draw attention away from your chest. Not to mention, they’re super easy to use and stay on all day.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape

Lastly, if you don’t want to pull up your dress all night long and want it to stay in place, try fashion tape. Hollywood Fashion Secrets makes this as well, and it will prevent any top or dress from slipping down. It’s double-sided, and small enough to fit in your purse if you need to touch it up later on. Pop it on across the top or on any straps to hold everything in place. That way, your dress will stay exactly where it’s supposed to be!

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