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How to Rock Glitter for New Years


You may already rock glitter in your New Year’s Eve attire, but what about the rest of your body? There’s no better way to bring in the New Year than with some extra shine in your cosmetics. So take out your most sparkly makeup, and try these different ways to rock glitter for New Years!

Rock Glitter On Your Eyes

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Sure, you can simply wear sparkly eyeshadow or glitter covering your whole eyelid but to really spruce up your glitter game, try these unique ways. If your cat-eye game is strong, then you can effortlessly create a crystal cat-eye in a few steps. Complete your winged eyeliner, and then line your lower lash-line with lash glue. Finally, top it with glitter from the inner corner of your eye to directly underneath the tail of your winged liner look. You can even reverse the effect by lining your bottom lashes and adding the glitter to your top lid. If you’re feeling more bold, you can create a glitter eye mask by using crystal adhesives and strategically placing them anywhere on your eyelid. Have fun with this, and add as much sparkle as you want!

Rock Glitter On Your Lips

If you want to go with more subtle eye makeup, then rock glitter on your lips! This can be as bold or minimal as you want, drawing attention to your mouth no matter what. Simply glide on a glittery lip color, or pat on some loose glitter that is the same shade as your lip color. Make sure to do this while your lipstick is still setting so it sticks better, and try not to lick your lips a lot throughout the night! Another, bolder option is putting on your favorite lip color and then bedazzling them with adhesive jewels.

Rock Glitter In Your Hair

A recent trend that emerged is rocking glitter in your hair. This may be the hardest to remove and you’ll definitely have a few spots leftover the next day, but it’s so worth it! You have many options to complete this look, depending on the hairstyle you want to wear on New Years. If your hair part is showing, then you can simply saturate your part with glitter, whether your hair is up, down, or in braids. If your hair is mostly down though, apply glitter to some strands of your hair, or the complete top of one side. Either way, you’ll be adding a little something extra to your hairstyle!

Rock Glitter On Your Nails

The easiest way to rock glitter is right on your nails, doing them yourself or going to a salon. Simply start with a plain-colored base coat, and then place glitter polish on your tips or cuticles to create an ombre effect. You could even paint your entire nail in a sparkly nail polish to make the look even quicker and easier. Whichever look you choose, you’ll be sure to shine and stand out!

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