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How to Save Your Nails from the Cold


It’s a sad day when you chip a fresh manicure. However, it’s even more heartbreaking when all of your nails start breaking. Brittle nails in the winter are inevitable due to the cold weather, but it is also manageable. Just follow these tips on how to save your nails from the cold this season!

Save Your Nails from the Cold with Moisturizer

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Just like how you keep your skin moisturized, you should be moisturizing for your nails. Prep your nails for the cold with a hydrating hand lotion, such as one with olive oil or aloe, to keep your nails strong and healthy this winter. As you apply lotion to your hands, make sure you rub some onto your nail beds and into your cuticles. This will help prevent cracking and keep them hydrated. You should complete this after you wash your hands, after you shower, and before you put on gloves for complete nourishment!

Save Your Nails With Gloves

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Right after you put on lotion, and whenever you go outside on a chilly day, make sure to wear gloves. Wearing gloves not only protects your hands, but they also protect your nails from becoming uncomfortably dry. The warmth and heat created from the gloves actually keep your hands soft and smooth, which serves as an added bonus for your nails. The same goes for wearing gloves inside when completing housework or working with cleaning supplies.

Save Your Nails With Proper Cuticle Care

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You should be taking care of your cuticles more in the winter. Good nail health is dependent on the health of your cuticles since this thin layer of skin protects the nails as they grow. You should make it a habit to rub on a cuticle oil at night, and leave it on until the morning to completely soothe and condition your nails. Vaseline is another great substitute to rub on during the day to prevent further damage from the cold.

Save Your Nails With Fewer Manicures

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As tempting as it is to get your nails done routinely, try to get fewer manicures in the winter. Most nail polishes and nail polish removers contain acetone. Acetone destroys the natural protein layer that helps to protect your nails. It is especially important to give your nails a break if you rock acrylics because constant fills roughens nails up even more. We recommend keeping your nails short only applying a coat of protective polish to promote good nail health.

Save Your Nails With Water

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The cold causes your nails to dehydrate more rapidly. When nails lose the moisture they need, they naturally become weak, frail, and damaged. To avoid this, it’s important to stay well hydrated by drinking more water during the winter. Drinking at least eight glasses of water is recommended to stay properly hydrated and replenished throughout the day.

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Written by Gina Gargiulo
Edited by Erica Fouts

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