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How To Make Snow Proof Makeup


Even though it’s snowing, that shouldn’t prevent you from doing a full face of makeup. Winter makeup is all about keeping your face soft and protected from the cold temperatures and white snow. To do this, we tell you exactly how to snow proof your makeup here!

Snow Proof Makeup with Moisturizer

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A heavy layer of foundation is prone to not only smudge in the snow, but also accentuate dry patches. You should lighten it up by mixing a moisturizer into your foundation, or using a tinted moisturizer instead. This prevents foundation from smudging easily when it comes in contact with snow, along with minimizing skin imperfections and concealing wrinkles! Since this is used during the day, you should also moisturize your face at night to prep your skin. Apply a hydrating face mask or rich night cream before you head to bed to fight the snow the next day!

Snow Proof Makeup with Sunscreen

Snow has many sun-reflecting properties, even though it’s below freezing outside. Therefore, your summer SPF routine is just as important in the winter. To prevent burns, get in the habit of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen or foundation with SPF 15 or 30 in it. This will prevent skin damage from the snow and UV rays, along with making sure your makeup lasts longer.

Snow Proof Makeup with Exfoliation

Snow and the dropping temperatures can result in various skin problems, such as itchiness and dry patches. This is due to less moisture and dryness in your skin. To address this problem, you should apply an exfoliant at least once every week to remove dry skin cells. This will help you get your glow and radiance back in your face, while following up with a good moisturize and proper hydration.

Snow Proof Makeup with Waterproof Products

Wind, sleet, and snow can all cause your makeup to melt on its own. To prevent smudges and sweats, you should be using waterproof products in the winter. Waterproof mascara is the biggest key to reduce makeup migration, along with the eyeliner and eyeshadow you use. Since you’ll be wearing winter accessories, you should also prevent your makeup from rubbing off when you take off your coat, hat, or scarf. Keep your makeup where you want it all day by applying a layer of translucent pressed powder on your face after your finished look!

Snow Proof Makeup with No Windburn

With snow comes windburn, so you want to create a barrier between yourself and the wind. Windburn and cold temperatures can deplete the skin’s oil levels, make the skin extra-sensitive, and even cause the skin to peel off, which can cause problems when applying makeup. To prevent this, you should be applying a richer, extra-moisturizing emollient on your face. Apply a coat or two of moisturizing lotion on both the skin and lips to maintain their hydration levels. Additionally, make sure you bundle up when you’re outside. Cover different body parts with a hood, scarf, hat, headband, or gloves to be safe!

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