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How to Still Rock a Dress in Cold Weather


Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you should put away your favorite dresses. There’s still many ways you can rock a dress in cold weather just by adding a few extra pieces of clothing and accessories. So what are you waiting for? Grab your dress and your staple winter pieces, and start experimenting with these options!

Rock a Dress in Cold Weather with a Sweatshirt

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Don’t question this until you try it. Take any plain, colored sweatshirt and pair it with a dress you desire to wear. You actually have two options in styling this, depending on your own style and the style of the dress. If you have a dress with a playful skirt such as Faviana Style 10017, try pairing it with a sleek sweatshirt over the dress. On the other hand, if you have a strapless dress like Faviana Style 8051, wear the sweatshirt underneath. Both give a casual and cozy vibe, perfect for adding warmth against the cold weather. If you think the look is too laid-back, then simply do up your hair and add some winter makeup!

Rock a Dress in Cold Weather with Leggings

This next style is if you want to wear a short dress like Faviana Style 8064. All you have to do is wear fun tights or leggings underneath! Your legs will instantly be warmer, and it allows you to add more accessories. Find a neutral pair of leggings such as black, leather, or grey. If you’re feeling bold or it complements your dress, then go with more crazy colors and patterns! Wear either booties or closed heels on your feet with these. In addition, wear either a cardigan or big jacket on top. That way you can stay warm outside, but easily can take this piece off inside to showcase your full outfit!

Rock a Dress in Cold Weather with Socks & Boots

Another option for wearing short dresses in cold weather is pairing them with socks and boots. This is a super cute and chic look, perfect for a dress like Faviana Style 7851. Depending how cold it is outside, depends on the length of sock to go with. You can rock a bare leg with your socks rolled down with combat boots, or wear knee-high socks with those tall leather boots. The choice is up to you! To add to this chic style, finish the look with a leather jacket that matches your boots.

Rock a Dress in Cold Weather with Winter Elements

It is still winter after all, so you might as well wear those cute winter accessories with your dress. The best part is that this works for any style dress! Warm up your outfit with a thick scarf around your neck, or add some texture with your favorite fur coat. Other apparel and accessories to try is your bomber jacket, puffy vest, headband, beanie, and of course, gloves. You’ll instantly feel warmer outside, making any dress winter-appropriate.

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