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How To Style Series: Prints, Prints, Prints!


Welcome to the How To Style Series! Throughout this series, I will show you how to style different prints, necklines, cuts and more. We have all had that “I don’t have anything to wear” moment. With these tips, I will help you find pieces and style them like you’ve never thought of before. Are you ready to learn how to style prints? You better be!

Prints Are All The Rage Right Now

Prints are such a serious part of fashion because a single print can show different cultures, personalities and even time periods. They have such a big impact on style which is why it is important to know how to style prints. If you watched some of the SS 20 runway shows, you definitely saw different prints hit the runway. Therefore, you’re in luck because this is the perfect time to dive into your hidden love for prints!

Popular Prints

There are a number of different prints that have hit the runways for this year, but here are the top 5 prints and how to make the best outfit from them!:


Going old-school here…plaid has left and come back numerous times, but plaid is here to stay this season! Try rocking a plaid patterned fuzzy coat or a pants-suit with a bold color from the print to make it pop.  For example, if you have red lines in your plaid, wear a bright red pump to set off the color! Bring out the life in your piece, especially if you spent some $$$$ on it.

Animal Print

Animal print has been popular for a few years now, but just over the last year, animal print has become such a huge part in everyday fashion. We are constantly seeing new looks with similar prints which makes me think… how many different variations of animal prints are there out there? Style your animal print outfit with some platform sneakers. Animal print is on the edgy side, so show your edge too! I have a pair of Windsor Smith platform sneakers that I love. They’re also great to walk around New York City with (which is important!).


To be honest, I have never really been a HUGE floral person, but I have to say, some of these new designs coming out have caught my eye. These floral pants pictured above are giving me 70s vibes all the way (trends come back! remember that!). Floral patterns are bold, whether they include light and/or dark colors. Personally, I would pair these with simple yet cohesive accessories. For example, if you have a blue toned floral dress, pair your piece some nude kitten heels, a cross-body bag and a pair of gold accent earrings.


Geometric patterns were popular in the 70s as well. This pattern can have multiple colors as well just like in plaid patterns, but there is more going on with geometric patterns. Whether it’s a bodysuit or a pants suit (like the picture above), keep a classic, simplistic look. I’m not saying you can’t bring color to your outfit, but its more fun to take risks with the materials and silhouettes you style with. Find an alligator skin pointed toe boot for your intricate geometric designed pieces. Set off the piece with something simple yet still has a but of personality.


There has been a long standing argument about how stripes should be put on a garment (aka horizontal or vertical). It doesn’t matter because it’s really all about preference. There is no “rule” for it. There’s even a diagonal striped set pictured above! Stripes have always reminded me of street style (hello Virgil Abloh). Stripes have endless possibilities when it comes to style. Pair your laid back striped outfit with some sneakers and a flat brim felt hat. If you aren’t feeling the laid back look, pair your striped blazer or dress with a pair of chunky mules or platform booties!

(All photos are from WGSN image library)

Best Of Both Worlds

The super cool thing about prints is that you can either make a super bold statement with tons of color or you can keep it simple by pairing your outfit with a nude pump or white sneaks! There has definitely been times that I have gone overboard with the matching (hi middle school me), but it is all a part of learning fashion. Don’t be afraid to try new prints and colors in an outfit. You never know, you my find your new favorite print that you love to style with.

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