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How to Throw the Best Christmas Party


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party to bring in the holiday? You have your holiday cocktail dress, so now it’s time to plan the big day to wear it. Here we show you exactly how to throw the best Christmas party this year!

Throw the Best Christmas Party with a Theme

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To really make your Christmas party unique and stand out from the rest you’re going to want to create your own theme! This is a great Christmas party idea that both you and your guests will enjoy. Pick from a formal Masquerade Ball to a fun ugly sweater party. The guests’ festive attire is their ticket to the door and will amp up the Christmas vibes tremendously. Just be sure to let your guests know beforehand so they can plan ahead and know what to expect! With this, you should also invite a good mix of people to your party. The more comfortable everyone is with each other, the more fun it will be!

Throw the Best Christmas Party with Holiday Food

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The biggest Christmas party planning you have to do is planning lots of food beforehand. This is the perfect time to whip out those holiday recipes you’ve been dying to try. Make sure you have a good mix of healthy holiday food and sweets to satisfy all your guests! Let’s not forget about festive drinks, too. Have plenty of hot chocolate and hot apple cider to keep your guests happy and warm. Not to mention, it will fill the room with the best scents of Christmas!

Throw the Best Christmas Party with Decorations

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Along with your food being delicious, another Christmas party idea is decorating with taste. Fill the room with Christmas spirit by having the basic holiday decorations. This includes mistletoe, some snowmen, tinsel, and a Christmas tree! You can also set the scene with the perfect table settings. Use red, green, and white silverware and holiday place mats. You can even throw some nuts and candles on the table to be more festive!

Throw the Best Christmas Party with Fun Games

Of course, your Christmas party is going to need some entertainment. There are many Christmas party activities to choose from to ensure that all your guests enjoy themselves. Try Christmas Carol Pictionary, or setting up a Christmas karaoke station with popular Christmas songs. This is a great way to break the ice between your guests and crank up the tunes! Other Christmas activities you can try are White Elephant, Who Am I?, and Secret Santa. Just make sure to let your guests know to bring an inexpensive gift beforehand if you want to participate in these!

Throw the Best Christmas Party with Gifts

Even if you choose to do Secret Santa or White Elephant, your guests should still leave with a small gift to remember your party forever. You can easily make party favors for your guests by handing out plastic or paper bags. Fill this with holiday candy and something sentimental they can use for the holiday season, such as an ornament or candle! Your guests will be grateful to have you and look forward to your Christmas party next year!

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