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Iconic Photo Spots Located In NYC!


Traveling to NYC for the first time is FUN but can also be a lot to take in! From restaurants to site seeing spots, there are numerous experiences to take in along the way. Although, the main part of capturing your trip are pictures! Finding the best spots to take photos at can be hard just because there are so many. With our little photo spot guide below, we picked out five iconic photo spots located in NYC that you won’t want to miss! 

“Friend’s” Apartment Building

If you’re like me, the Friend’s show is your life (not really, but really haha). I think I have seen the all ten seasons of the show maybe 6 times? Call me crazy but I love it! The Friend’s apartment building shown in the show is actually a REAL building in NYC. Located at 90 Bedford Street, the corner apartment building is giving me the Friend’s nostalgia. Where is the reunion episode already?! 

Central Park

One of the most popular and well known places in Manhattan is Central Park! Looking at a map, the park doesn’t seem that big, but trust me, this park is the biggest I have ever seen. There have been so many different movies and shows that have been filmed at Central Park, but one is Enchanted! If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s basically a spin off of Snow White aka one of those princess movies. There is so much you can do at Central Park besides take pictures too. You can eat along the water, people watch, or ride bikes! Make a fun day out of it!

The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel is an infamous hotel not just for the glamour but for the movies shot there! One of the popular movies that was at The Plaza was Home Alone 2: Lost In New York! It’s been a while since I have seen the Home Alone movies, but I remember seeing The Plaza in the second one! With the high ceilings, large chandeliers, and gold trimmings, you’re able to get some mega glam shots in this hotel! Especially, if you’re trying to get those OOTD shots too (fashion bloggers I see you!). 

Hook and Ladder 8

For all you Ghostbusters fans out there, this spot is perfect for you! The Hook and Ladder 8 building from the movie is also one of the iconic spots located in NYC! Located on 14 N Moore St. in Manhatttan, get some funny photos in front of the Ghostbusters building. If you want, maybe photoshop some ghosts in there like you’re fighting crime! Ghostbusters was one of my favorite movies as a little kid (I especially loved the giant marshmallow man)! 

Brooklyn Bridge

Last but not least, one of our Faviana favorite photo spots in NYC is the Brooklyn Bridge! There are so many different shots you can get on this bridge or even with it in the background. As you can see we even used this bridge as a previous photo spot ourselves showcasing our dresses! Wear a cute outfit, bring your sunglasses and get some cute photos at this famous bridge! Also, don’t forget to watch out for people riding their bikes! 

Which iconic photo spot in NYC is your favorite? Comment below and tag us if you go to any of these spots! 

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