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Military Ball: Dress Codes and Etiquette


If you’ve never attended a military ball, you’re probably worrying over what to wear, how to act, what traditions to follow, and what to expect. Even if you have been to one before, a quick military ball etiquette refresher is always a good thing. Though there are no actual rules, the guidelines in place are always meant to honor the military service. For all of you lovely ladies who have the privilege to go this season, follow these dress codes to be both beautiful and appropriate at the military ball!

Military Ball Dress Code: No Short Dresses

Faviana Style S8089

Though we all love our cocktail dresses, it is not appropriate to wear at a military ball. Any dress knee-length or above is considered semi-formal, while this is a super formal event. Military balls are considered formal white tie events, meaning your service member will be wearing his dressiest uniform. Therefore, you should wear your most formal dress, too. Opt for a long dress either floor length like Faviana Style S8089, or one no shorter than just below the knee. If your dress happens to be knee length, wear the right jewelry to make it more appropriate and elegant.

Military Ball Dress Code: Not Too Much Skin

Faviana Style 7923

Since your objective of the night is to make your date look awesome and honor the military service, make sure you are keeping your gown choice classy. This includes not showing too much skin or wearing anything that is completely sheer. You don’t want to be a total distraction because of what you are wearing, and you want to show as much respect as you can. Avoid high slits, too much cleavage, cutouts, and open backs, for they take away the formality. A dress like Faviana Style 7923 would be the perfect fit.

Military Ball Dress Code: Cover Your Shoulders

Faviana Style S8087

In the past, military tradition has dictated that women must cover their shoulders during the official receiving line or during dinner. Today, those expectations have slowly been going away. If the ball you are going to is still following these guidelines, try finding a dress with a cape like Faviana Style S8087, or any dress that has long-sleeves. If you already have a dress that is strapless or thinly sleeved, bring with you a cape or formal jacket to put over your shoulders during the event.

Military Ball Dress Code: Experiment with Color

Faviana Style S7947

Way too often, military ball dates wear dark or muted colored attire, but you’re certainly not obligated to wear only dark colors. You can easily experiment with different colors such as red, pink, purple, or green. Jewel tones are highly recommend since they tend to match any uniform, such as ruby or emerald. Faviana Style S7947 gives you this effect with the right pop of color!

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