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Living On Your Own in New York City


There comes a point in your life where you just need to pack your bags up and move out. Whether it be for college, a job, or traveling, living on your own is inevitable, but don’t worry, I am here to give you some of my best advice. I recently moved to New York City and I must say it’s amazing, but challenging at times. After five months of living here, I have finally figured out how to live successfully on my own. So take a breath and let me give you some advice about living on your own!


First off, let me say that laundry isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem. It’s simply pushing a few buttons, separating colors, throwing some detergent in, then putting it in the drier. Do that once a week and you’re set, but make sure to stay on top of it because before you know it you’ll have a mountain of clothes growing in the corner of your room. Now that laundry is out of the way, let’s focus on a more challenging responsibility such as not going broke. It’s so easy to constantly go out to eat, grab drinks with friends, and shop, but next thing you know your debit card is getting declined. (That actually happened to me today.) My best advice here is to go food shopping so you have your food for the week, eat before you go out, and only buy things that are necessary. I know this is hard, but you will get the hang of it after you have those days of living off twenty bucks.


You know that famous saying, “You never know someone until you live with them.” That is 100% true. Sure you are beyond excited to live with your best friend, but things are going to change. I am not saying they will change necessarily for the worst, but you will uncover things you never knew about this person now that you are living with them. This could make your bond become stronger, or damage it. Now, when a problem arises you need to remember that to every problem there is a solution. Work together and communicate because at the end of the day they will always be there whether you like it or not! Overall, try to stay calm and don’t sweat the small stuff!


Finally you are free from your parents rules. You can go out and come home whenever you want. You can eat and drink whatever you want. I can keep going, but I won’t because with independence comes responsibility. Don’t let all of this freedom get to your head because it gets real old real quick. Sometimes you’re just going to want your mom or dad to cook for you and clean up after you, but that’s not going to happen. You are on your own now so be mature and understand that you have no one watching over you anymore.



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