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Must-Have Red Carpet Accessories


For Red Carpet looks, not only does your dress and hair have to be absolutely fabulous, but you must pair it with trendy red carpet accessories!  From sparkling clutch bags to dangling earrings to trendy chokers, these are the pieces that give you the WOW factor! For that WOW factor to be achieved, it is all in the details! There is nothing better than receiving a compliment on the accessories that were carefully paired with your gorgeous gown. Accessories have just as much importance as clothing. They work together to create an ensemble that expresses who you are and what your style is. So, here are your must-have Red Carpet accessories!

Red Carpet Accessories: Clutch Bag

Photo Credit: PurseBlog

Your phone, lip gloss, and gum is not going to carry itself!  A clutch is very important to have with a beautiful gown. The clutch you carry really depends on what complements your gown. With a simple chiffon dress with no print, a sparkly sequin clutch would really make your dress pop! If your dress has more going on, maybe keep it more simple with your clutch. A trend we love is velvet clutches. Stella McCarthy, Gucci, and Saint Laurent are brands that have executed the look and practicality of velvet clutches. Clutches also come in all different sizes. An envelope style clutch is thin enough that worrying about being too big will not cross your mind.

Red Carpet Accessories: Choker Necklaces

Photo Credit: Vogue Paris

How fierce are choker necklaces? Chokers can really transform your look from fashionable to fun and flirty! Chokers can range from simple ribbon to dazzling diamonds. The look you are going for really determines what type of choker you would love to style with your dress. Another reason why we love chokers is that you can layer it with other necklaces! Taking a silver or gold sleek choker and pairing it with a longer necklace is a look that has been growing on the Red Carpet.  

Red Carpet Accessories: Statement Earrings

In a statement silhouette, what more could you want than statement earrings to complete your look?  It was once said, “Earrings are what frame your face. If the style and color are right, they will be like two spotlights adding a glow to your face, making it brighter and more alive.” Glamorous rhinestones give your look the full package. When wearing earrings that you want to be seen, make sure you wear a hairstyle that will show them off! You can find an array of cute ones at Anthropologie.

Red Carpet Accessories: Wrist Bling  

Why stop at one?  Wearing a few bangles and rocking all different styles of materials and colors can give you a such a dazzling look. You can wear bangles on one arm and switch it up with a thicker piece on the other. Show off your bracelets by blowing a kiss to the camera or placing your hand on your hip when posing for a picture. Another trend to look out for that complements a gown made for the Red Carpet is a watch!  Wearing a watch with a thin band is a look to obsess over. Whether the band is silver or black, leather or jeweled, it brings you a sleek and sophisticated look.

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