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Must-Have Winter Shoes


As the temperature drops, we want to make sure your shoe style still stays at a high. The best shoes for winter are ones that are warm and cozy, yet still fashionable to wear. Here are the must-have winter shoes for this season!

Winter Shoes: Over-the-Knee

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Warm and chic, an over-the-knee boot is the perfect winter combination and shoe! The great part is there’s so many colors and options still with this style. First, you can dress them down by wearing them over jeans, leggings, or a jumper. After a casual daytime event, you can glam them up at night with a mini skirt or dress. Either way you’ll look fabulous, and your legs will thank you as well in the cold. Find them in suede or leather, with or without a heel, and even slouchy!

Winter Shoes: Ankle

Of course, ankle boots are a winter wardrobe staple. They’re very stylish and versatile, which makes them a favorite that never gets old. Find a pair that suits your personality and your closet. If you’re going for an edgy or punk-rock approach, a nice pair of Doctor Martens or combat boots will do the trick. If you’re more of a romantic, wear soft booties that are lace-up or have a block heel. Either way, they are all are flattering and super easy to pull on and off. Pair them with a dress and tights, jeans, or leggings to finish off any going out look.

Winter Shoes: Technical

Whether you want to call them technical, hiking, or walking shoes, we know that this is a must-have shoe for winter. Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your traveling or exploring outside. These shoes are an alternative to a sneaker, just with a more low-key style. They’re great for exploring, and still appropriate footwear for safe and comfortable conditions. Wear them for long walks in the city or climbing mountains, releasing your inner fashionista along the way!

Winter Shoes: Platform

These 90-inspired boots will keep both your feet high and dry through the winter. Platform boots are great for some height, standing tall over your ordinary winter shoes. They certainly will make your mom and the Spice Girls proud, while introducing a new trend this season. Find them in a velvet fabric for extra warmth, or a leather version to stomp through the slushy streets effortlessly.

Winter Shoes: Snow Boots

To really keep your feet warm and cozy from the cold, then find a nice pair of snow boots. These can be as fashionable as you want, getting a color and style that fits you best. The more fur, the better though! Wear these on your skiing trips, playing in the snow, or any other outdoor adventure.

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