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National Promposal Day: Ask Your Dream Date To Prom!


Happy (belated) National Promposal Day! Okay, okay, I know we are a day late, but we know how important this is for all of you still wondering how you’re going to ask your dream date to prom. Therefore, we found some cute ideas (and even tips) that will get your creative juices flowing! 

Don’t Be Nervous!

Asking someone out, let alone to a dance, in front of your peers or at their doorstep can be a little nerve wracking. Not going to lie, if I were a guy, my cheeks would probably get red hot. But there is a way to make sure your promposal is smooth sailing and on track to get a yes. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Plan ahead!
  2. Think about what your dream date likes.
  3. Get the hint beforehand. 

With sports and school planning ahead may be a little tough, but trust me, you will want to plan ahead. Whether it is figuring out where the promposal will be or the elements of the promposal, write it down! This way, you already have an idea in the back of your head. Also, think about what your dream date likes! Do they like Disney or Fashion? Try to create a promposal based off something that relates to them and their interests. Trust me, this will give you some major brownie points! Lastly, ask your dream date if they have a date to prom yet. This will relieve part of the stress since you can get the vibe from them if they would potentially say yes! Overall, there is no reason to be nervous. If they’re your dream date, you may be theirs too!

Promposal Ideas

Sometimes coming up with ideas is the hardest part, so we’re here to help! Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, here are some examples of promposals that would guarantee a yes!  

The Entry Level Promposal

To keep it sweet and simple for your promposal, you could honestly get anything that is just sitting around your house! For example, if you have a cute pup, use that to your advantage (trust me this works every time). You could even have some fun with mac and cheese like the photo above! Having a good sense of humor really comes into play here. If you have the humor on point, I know you’ll get your dream date! 

The Intermediate Promposal

For those of you who have done this before or already have a special someone to ask, step up your promposal game a bit! Bringing food in to the situation (like these tuxedo decorated strawberries) creates a promposal that is special and unique! Even if the goofy sayings are simple, the WAY you present them could have a little more of an impact!

The Expert Level Promposal

Lastly, go the extra mile by creating a promposal they will never forget! Now, I know not all of you are able to buy a pair of shoes, but just hear me out for a second. These “extra” promposals are called EXTRA for a reason! New shoes or an entire “Up” themed movie promposal? WOW! If you want to go above and beyond for your dream prom date, these are two examples I would lean towards. If you don’t like one of these, do something equally as extra like a “The Bachelor” themed promposal!

Now that you are fully equipped with tips and ideas for promposals, you are ready to ask your dream date to prom! Be you and surprise that special someone with something they will remember! Which promposal is your go-to for National Promposal Day? Comment below! 

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