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Netflix Picks For Cozy Evenings In


Cozy evenings are the best, especially when you have great entertainment. We put together our favorite Netflix picks for cozy evenings in by yourself or with your friends!

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: 13 Going On 30

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No matter how old we get, we still never feel like grown-ups. 13 Going On 30 is a classic cute film that shows exactly this, starring Jennifer Garner. It’s perfect to watch with your girlfriends on a night in, tugging at your heartstrings in the best of ways.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Gilmore Girls

If you want a reliable and cozy favorite, then go with Gilmore Girls. This series is everything you could ask for when it comes to a chill evening. It’s also the perfect time to catch up on your favorite episodes, and the new revival of the series!

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Clueless

This movie just never gets old. It’s a great choice for watching with your girl pals to reminiscence about the 90’s. If only Cher knew how much crazier the world of modern romance would become today.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Friends

This is another classic TV show that you can watch over and over again. Most people have already seen every episode, which makes it perfect to play in the background as you have a girl talk for a few hours and catch up on life.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: A Walk To Remember

If you’re in need for a good cry at home, then go with A Walk To Remember. This tear-jerking classic has everything you need, including a tragic romance, musical numbers, Mandy Moore, and an extremely good-looking Shane West.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Fuller House

If you were a Full House fanatic, then you’ll love this one. Fuller House shows D.J. with her three sons, back in her childhood home with Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler, While all under one roof, they experience and learn moments big and small together.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence deals with issues after her husband is killed. Bradley Cooper’s character attempts to reconnect with his wife, but finds he needs to work on fixing himself first. It’s the perfect troubled-love movie for tonight!

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: New Girl

Our favorite actress Zooey Deschanel goes through a rough breakup, moves in with three single (and good looking!) guys, and forms a dysfunctional family. What’s not to like about this one?

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Safe Haven

Julianne Hough moves to a small town to make a new life for herself. While keeping a low profile, she is won over by Josh Duhamel and his duaghter. She teaches us to love and trust again, and not to let our dark past threaten who we are today.

Netflix Picks for Cozy Evenings: Girl Boss

This series follows the fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Girl Boss shows a woman who decides to start selling vintage clothing online. As her passion and retail fashion empire begins to grow, she realizes both the value and difficulties of being the boss of her own life.

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