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Our Favorite Edgy Makeup Looks


You’ve got the perfect edgy dress, now you just need to figure what makeup look to do! We’ve put together some of our favorite edgy makeup looks, that will perfectly compliment any bold, rebellious look you’re going for! Makeup is where you can really show some style and creativity, so experiment with some of these looks beforehand and decide how you’re going to complete your edgy look!

What is Edgy Makeup Look?

An edgy makeup look is all about embracing your individuality and showcasing your bold and fearless side. It's a style that pushes boundaries, with vibrant colors, daring techniques, and unique designs. Think dramatic eyes, vibrant lips, and a fearless attitude that lets you express your true self.

When you hear the term edgy, you usually think of dark colors. With edgy makeup, it’s important that there is balance. If you’re doing a bold lip, keep eyes relatively simple. Be sure not to do to much so that your natural beauty still shows through!

Edgy Makeup: Dark Lips


Dark lipstick is a fun way to make a bold statement, but make sure you experiment first! Warning, it can also be difficult to take off, so make sure you store it in your purse for the night, along with some makeup wipes! Be sure to check your teeth before photos and leaving for the event. Practice first and take your time, especially if you plan to use a matte lipstick as it can get messy if you’re in a rush. Also be sure to exfoliate your lips the night before your event. Pair with some neutral, natural eyes makeup or a shade that compliments the lipstick – but remember your lips are the main point of focus. You will surely draw attention with your beautiful smile!

Edgy Makeup: Dark Eyes

Go bold with your eyes, too. Dark eyes create mystery and draw attention. Try using colors such as burgundy, navy, purple, black, and dark brown. Go for bold eyeliner and lashes. Be sure to blend well so your look is even, you may have to layer a few times. Pro tip, spray your brush with a setting spray to really pack on the pigment (this is a great tip for getting glitter shadow to stick!). Pack your makeup in your event bag so that you can touch it up, and do not rub or touch your eyes. This is a somewhat subtle edgy look if you pair with nude or light lips.

Edgy Makeup: Smokey Eyes & Lips

Lionesse Beauty Bar

If you’re up for it, combine both and do smokey eyes and lips. This is the ultimate all-out edgy look. For this, coordinate your lipstick and eyeshadow colors. For the smokey eye, avoid going too bright color or crazy. Lighten the look up with some light eyeshadow or glitter in the inner corner of the eyes, and do not forget that eyebrow highlight! Make sure you practice and follow our tips above for dark lipstick. You will look fierce at your next special event in this ultimate edgy makeup look. 

Edgy Makeup: Experiment with Eyeliner


Ever wanted to try some of those fun, weird eyeliner styles that you’ve seen makeup artists do? Now is the time! Of course, practice first! Research some tutorials, and or get creative and try out a design on your eye. The best part of makeup is you can easily take it off! Reverse the typical cat eye look by doing a bold under-eye line, or do a big curve up into the eye crease. Try a double tail flick, or drag the tail line out very long. Get creative and find a style that looks good on you and goes with your overall look. This is a bold, fun way to draw attention to those beautiful bright eyes!

Show us your edgy makeup look that compliments your Faviana prom dress and let us know what you think by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC, too!


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