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Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit


Thanksgiving is next week, and it requires a lot of planning. Between the food and family though, you should have some fun with planning the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. There are many options to wear for Thanksgiving, whether you want to focus on color, print, or style. No matter what you choose, we have the best guide right here. Plan the perfect Thanksgiving outfit with these tips and ideas!

Outfit With Harvest Hues

Photo Credit: Pinterest

When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of autumn colors since it’s right at the end of it. Therefore, harvest hues such as burnt orange, brick red, and shades of brown make for the perfect Thanksgiving outfits. Find a Thanksgiving dress that matches the color of Faviana Style 7747, and blend in with the fall atmosphere. Add some fall staple pieces such as booties, a  scarf, a leather jacket, and of course some gold jewelry to complement the harvest hues more. You can also dress down your dress by wearing a t-shirt or sweater underneath it. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have the most stylish Thanksgiving outfit!

Faviana Style 7747

Sweater Thanksgiving Outfit

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Don’t know what to wear for Thanksgiving? Then just be comfy with a sweater! You can wear a sweater dress or create a Thanksgiving dress with an over-sized sweater, pairing it with your favorite knee-high boots. On the other hand, for a more casual look, you can wear a pretty sweater with jeans or leggings. This classic Thanksgiving outfit will keep you warm, while looking chic with the addition of bold accessories. To ensure you’re planning the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, try sticking to neutral colors such as black, white, brown, grey, or tan.

Wear Plymouth Prints

Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Thanksgiving dates back to the pilgrims in Plymouth, so why not rock the culture in the present day? The Plymouth look can be worn as a dress or blouse, depending on what you find. Look for a top that’s mainly black with intricate designs or lace, like the print on Faviana Style 7995. The sheer and flowy look accentuates the pilgrim style, while giving you room to add your own special touch. Pair your long-sleeve outfit with your favorite boots and bags, while wearing dangling earrings.

Faviana Style 7995

Try Elastic Pants

Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Let’s be honest here, we all eat way too much on Thanksgiving. To remain comfortable and to allow us to stuff our bellies more, you’ll be grateful to wear pants with an elastic waistband. Pantsuits are a huge fall fashion trend, and it makes the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. Trying wearing a different top though to match your fall nail color, and pair your attire with your favorite heels or flats. Now you’re ready to dig in!

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