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Prepping To Look and Feel Your Best


It’s the night before a big event in your life, so it’s normal to be nervous. Whether it’s for a photoshoot, a date, homecoming, or a wedding, we want to make sure you prep yourself the night before to feel both refreshed and confident to take on the day. Here are some of Faviana’s tips to help make sure you look and feel your best!

Treat Your Face To Look and Feel Your Best

One of the most important things you can do for yourself the night before is to prep your skin for the long day ahead. First make sure you do a deep cleaning and remove all the makeup and dirt from your face. This cleanse will gently exfoliate your skin, while leaving a clean slate for the next steps. Next apply a good moisturizing night cream to keep your skin moist and well hydrated. This will prevent your skin from drying out throughout the night, as you wake up with smooth and soft skin. Lastly, put on your favorite overnight face mask. The mask guarantees visibly glowing results in the morning by repairing the daily damage. Achieving vibrant-looking skin will not only make you look good, but feel revitalized as well.

Achieve Bright Eyes To Look and Feel Your Best

Auteur Ariel

Removing harsh makeup on your eyes can leave them irritated, red or swollen. Especially if you’re already tired, black circles and heavy bags are inevitable. Luckily, we have simple tricks for your eyes. You can buy under-eye masks and apply them underneath, or use tools right in your kitchen. Freeze two spoons or cucumbers, and apply them under your eyes for 15 minutes. The puffiness and darkness will become instantly not as visible, making your eyes as refreshed as can be. Using a silk eye mask as you sleep is  a life saver for those beauties as well. Not only do they help your skin stay crease-free by preventing the pillow from being pushed into your face, but the silk texture soothes the skin, locking in moisture and preventing visible dehydration. Double win for your eyes!

Eat & Drink Right To Look and Feel Your Best

You should be drinking enough water for your body throughout the day, not downing pints of water right before you go to bed. This actually adds to disturbed sleep, so try eating water instead. Yes, you read that right! Water in veggies and nuts actually release hydration slowly, helping both your skin and body throughout the day and night. Avoid salty, sugary, and processed snacks if you can. Additionally, stay away from caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda. These substances lead to unsettled sleep and dehydration, leaving your body restless and more thirsty. Eating and drinking right the night before is key to feeling good the next day.

Get Beauty Sleep To Look and Feel Your Best

Getting a good night’s sleep will not only help you look your best, but will also keep you function at your best. Ensure you turn in early for the night and aim for at least 8 hours of sleep. To do this, you have to stay away from any distraction. Turn off your loud music, put down your phone, and shut down that Netflix. I know we all have a habit of checking our phones with the lights off before we go to sleep. Nonetheless, the bright light from the screen actually strains our eyes and stimulates our brain to stay awake. Try listening to meditation music, spraying your pillow with a lavender scent, and deep breathing instead. Fill your mind with positive thoughts for tomorrow, and sweet dreams!

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