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Professional Makeup Tips for Your Next Interview


Congrats! You landed a job interview. You’ve practiced all of the common interview questions, you printed out a clean copy of your resume, now your appearance. This is something I always struggle with! I know that if I look good, then I feel good and confident. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to professional makeup for an interview, or any kind of formal work event. Keep reading for more!

Professional Makeup Do: Match your Skin Tone

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Nothing looks worse than having your face look ten shades darker than your neck, or an overly bronzed face in general. The key to professional makeup is to be as natural as possible, so it is definitely a good idea to make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin tone! Most makeup counters will help you out and suggest the best shade for your skin tone!

Professional Makeup Do: Natural Eyeshadow Colors

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When it comes to eyeshadow, it is definitely a good idea to stick to natural colors, like brown or gold, rather than bright, flashy colors. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and bright colored eye shadow can be a big turnoff. Your eyeshadow should be hardly noticeable. Use a color close to your skin shade such as gold or light pink.

Professional Makeup Don’t: Avoid False Eyelashes

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False eyelashes can also come across the wrong way during an interview. Imagine if your fake eyelash came off during the interview?! That would be horrible! Just a simple, light coat of mascara will do the trick! Skipping the fake eyelashes will eliminate lots of stress!

Professional Makeup Don’t: Blush and Highlighter

When I get nervous, my face turns beet red. If this is your situation too, then it is definitely a good idea to skip the blush. Blush will make this situation 100x worse! It is also a good idea to skip the shimmering highlighter. You are at an interview, not a club. There is no need for that unnecessary sparkle.

Professional Makeup Do: Wear Powder

It is very common to get sweaty when you’re nervous before an interview. This can sometimes make your face look oily. To avoid this, wear face powder and even consider bringing it with you so you can touch up before the interview or professional event. This can make your face look matte and less oily.

Professional Makeup Do: Natural Lip Colors

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It is best to stick to a natural lip color, such as a clear gloss or light pink for an interview. As you can see, the key is to look as natural as possible. And even though red lips are trendy and can be classy, it is always a good idea to avoid any flashy colors. It may even be a good idea to skip the lipstick all together and just opt for a chapstick.

These tips are sure to make you feel more confident and worry-free during your big day! Now, you look good, you feel good, so go out there and kill this interview!

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