Prom Dress Aesthetic: How To Choose The Best One For You


Prom is coming up but you don’t have a dress yet! If you’re searching for the perfect dress to fit your style but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Below are some trendy and cute prom dress aesthetics to choose from that will have you looking your best. If you’re looking for a prom dress that highlights your shape, check out our guide on finding the perfect prom dress based on your shape.

There are many different aesthetics to search for when shopping for a prom dress. Finding the perfect dress that suits your personality and style will make you stand out on the big night. Check out these prom dress aesthetics to help you find your perfect dress!

Simple But Elegant

Simple But Elegant, Faviana S10674 Black Lace Dress

This aesthetic is classic and timeless. Having a simple gown will show off your best features and look great in pictures. If you prefer having classic pieces in your wardrobe over the trendiest clothes, then a simple but elegant aesthetic is perfect for you. You don’t have to have a flashy dress to stand out. Your date is sure to be impressed when they see you in a timeless and elegant dress.

Long satin dresses in deep colors work great for this aesthetic. A black prom dress with a v-neckline and lace details like Faviana Style S10674 will also be perfect for this aesthetic. You are sure to shine with an elegant flowy dress. Pair it with your favorite simple heels and you’re ready to go! With a simple and elegant aesthetic, you have more freedom with your hair and makeup and can go for bolder looks. 

Girly Aesthetic

Girly Aesthetic, Hot Pink Rhinestone One-Shoulder Dress, Lilac Corset Dress

If you’re a bubbly and girly person, then a prom dress that has a girly aesthetic is perfect for your prom night. Look for brighter, feminine colors like pink or pale purple. Try gowns with sequins like this Faviana Style S10632 with a one shoulder top. This dress is perfect for taking pictures with your best friends with cute poses and silly faces.

The girly aesthetic doesn’t have to be pink and sparkly. You can opt for a long dress with a feminine shape that’s not as flashy and still be girly. Faviana Style S10647 is a lace corset prom dress that will have everyone turning their heads to look at you.

Preppy Aesthetic

Preppy Aesthetic, Light Blue Beaded Lace Long Dress, Faviana S10648

A preppy aesthetic is perfect for someone whose outfits are always polished and put together. Look for classic colors and flowy gowns for your prom dress. A lighter colored dress like the Faviana Style S10648 will show off your style and sophistication.

A preppy prom dress can be girly and feminine but is usually more subtle. Some preppy prom dresses can even be worn again to a fancy dinner or a wedding. These dresses are timeless and perfect for someone who likes to stick to their elevated style.

Euphoria Aesthetic

Euphoria Aesthetic, Purple Rhinestone Dress with V-Neck and Open Back

So you’ve been keeping up with the latest episodes of Euphoria and want to show off your Euphoria aesthetic on prom night. Even if you aren’t obsessed with the show, you can still look for an eye-catching dress that will make crowds turn. The Euphoria aesthetic is perfect for fans of the show but also girls who want to feel confident and amazing in their own bodies.

Channel your inner Maddy Perez with the Faviana Style S10631, a sequined v-neckline prom dress that hugs your curves in all the right places. Don’t forget the glitter! Sparkly eyeshadow and bold eyeliner will make you stand out in your Euphoria aesthetic prom dress. 

"That Girl" Aesthetic

"That Girl" Aesthetic Made Popular on TikTok - Faviana S10668 and S10536

We all know the one girl at school who fits the “that girl” aesthetic, the one who has a daily skincare and workout routine, cute outfits everyday, and perfect Instagram photos. If you want to be “that girl” at prom, go for stunning dresses that accentuate your figure and have unique details.

The Faviana Style S10668 has beautiful side cutouts with lace details that will highlight your waist. Plus it’s sleek and glamorous and is certain to make crowds turn. If you want an aesthetic prom dress that can be seen from across the dance floor, go for the impressive Faviana Style S10536 with sequins that shimmer and a low back with criss-cross straps. This elegant yet glitzy prom dress is the perfect choice for the big night.

Finding a prom dress that matches your personality will make you feel confident on prom night. Picking the perfect dress is no easy task, but once you know your prom dress aesthetic, the job becomes much easier. Check out the amazing dresses at Faviana to make shopping for your prom dress a breeze. We hope you find the perfect dress for your special night!


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