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How to Make Double Crown Braid With Waves?


To all my prom girls out there, are you looking for that perfect hairstyle to go with your prom dress?! This double crown braid with waves hairstyle is to die for this prom season! Not only is it HOT, it is extremely easy and super affordable! That’s a win-win all around ladies.

Materials Needed For A Double Crown Braid With Waves

  1. Hairspray
  2. Texturizer
  3. Styling treatment
  4. A comb
  5. Hairties
  6. Bobby pins
  7. Barrel curler

Make sure to gather these 7 simple materials before staring your double crown braid with curls! Rummage through your house, your mom’s bathroom, even a friend’s, to gather everything necessary to master this double crown braid with curls. If you’re missing any materials, you can purchase them for super cheap at your local drug store! Coupons are your best friend ladies. Make sure your hair ties and bobby pins match the color of you hair so they can easily be hidden. Now lets get started!

How To Start A Double Crown Braid With Waves

The first step to starting a double crown with braids is parting your hair down the middle! You can simply use your finger or a comb to get a nice clean straight line. Make sure to comb your hair before starting to remove any tangles or knots.

Once you hair is parted down the middle, pick a side to start braiding. You can begin to french braid your hair along the center part. If you don’t know how to french braid your own hair, ask a family member or friend to help you. Or check out our guide if you’d like to learn how to do french braid by yourself! Make sure to secure the braid with a hair tie once finished braiding. Then simply repeat on the other side!

How To Finish A Double Crown Braid With Waves

Now you have two french braids, one on either side of your part, securely in place. Use bobby pins to keep your braids attached to the rest of your hair. To finish off the double crown braid with waves, get out your favorite curling wand! Choose a wand size that will best curl your hair to how you’d like. You can stick to soft bouncy curls or maybe you want more defined, tight curls. The options are endless! Make sure to tuck the two braids underneath your curls so everything flows smoothly together. Your hair products are very important to use once finishing to ensure you curls and braids stay fabulous throughout the night!


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