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4 Simple Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes


As promised, we have not forgotten about you blue eyed babes! It is always fun to find new beauty tips that make your skin tone or eye color, or simply matches your mood. We have talked about what highlights hazel eyes, and we’re talking about brown eyes later this month, so it’s time for some tips for blue eyes! Prom is a perfect time to try something new, especially fun makeup. Sometimes contrasting colors are exactly what you need to make your eyes pop, or maybe you’re looking for something to make your look a little more subtle? We have you covered with Faviana’s tips for Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes!

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been all the rage this year for jewelry and even shoes, so why not have it on your eyes too! For a subtle look sweep the rich color over your lids, and accent with a lighter color, white or cream, in the corners to brighten your eyes. Looking for a nighttime look? Smoke out the rosey color with a darker shade in the creases, and line with a dark pencil for a dramatic look.

Blue On Blue

You already have those amazing blue eyes that everyone wants, why not play up the color! Try a deep blue for the lid, and line your upper lash line with a fabulous metallic gold for some serious wow factor. For a mermaid-inspired look you could also try blending in a shimmery white into the corners of your eyes, and up along your brow bone.

All Over Gold

Styles Weekly

Gold is the perfect color to accent any shade of blue. You could do an all-over gold and bring it down along your lower lashes, or for a more day look try a toned down thin line just on your upper lid. Not much of a gold eyeshadow person? Scope out a mascara with gold flecks in it to add a touch of gold to your look, without being too much.


Burgundy and bordeaux are some of our favorite shades for the last year. Being a warmer color, this is perfect for almost any skin tone. Either burgundy shadow or liner, or both, can be used to create this look. Combine your burgundy shadow with a touch of brown for that perfect smokey look, or blend in a little silver to add a touch of glam.

No matter your eye color, be bold and try whatever colors you want! Makeup is such a fun way to express your own individual style, and there are not rules for which colors you “need” to wear for your eye color. See what you think of our suggestions, and share some of your own!

Which prom look for blue eye do you like best? How do you plan to highlight your baby blues at prom this year? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana & Twitter @FavianaNY. And do not forget to view our new prom dresses collection.


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