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Prom Shoes You Already Have In Your Closet


It’s that time again to start searching for that perfect prom dress as prom season is approaching. Nothing completes the perfect prom dress like a pair of dazzling prom shoes. We are here to help you find the perfect pair of prom shoes and they are a lot closer than you may think – their right in your closet! Save money this prom by digging through that closet of yours and transforming an everyday shoe, into the perfect prom shoe.

The Perfect Prom Shoes: Flats

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Every girl must own a pair of basic flats in their closet. Take your everyday plain flats and add some pizazz to them. A glue gun will be your best friend in this instance and all you’ll need are some buttons, sequins, or even some ribbon. A craft store will have plenty of cheap yet jazzy materials or even check that closet of yours again for some intricate buttons that may be on your clothing. Your moms jewelry box might even have a broach or two! Take your now plain flats and glue on a sparkly new broach to the toes of the flats, punch holes into the sides of your flats and lace ribbon through, or even glue sequins to cover the entire shoe. Boom – now you transformed an everyday flat into the next best prom shoe.

The Perfect Prom Shoes: Booties

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Booties come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There must be some type of bootie in your closet ranging from a wedge bootie, an ankle bootie, over the knee boot, maybe even a cowboy boot. A glitz and glamorous prom may not be your style, so pair that prom dress of yours with your favorite pair of boots. A prom shoe does not have to be a high heel, wear a shoe that is most comfortable to you and brings out your shinning personality.

The Perfect Prom Shoes: Sneakers

Do heels make your feet hurt?! Why not rock a classic pair of flat sneakers as your prom shoes this season. Converse, vans, tennis shoes, the possibilities are endless. Take an already existing pair of sneakers from your closet and make them prom ready. It could be as simple as taking a sharpie and drawing designs on them. You could glue studs, sequins, or even pearls to the toe or heel of the sneakers. Cut lace or felt and wrap that old sneaker into a new designed prom shoe. Lastly, change out the shoe laces with a pretty ribbon! If Millie Bobby Brown can strut down the red carpet in her converse and sequin pink gown, then you can rock sneakers to prom too!

Friend’s Shoes Are Your Prom Shoes

Every friend group must have at least one other friend that shares the same shoe size as you. We can only pray, right? Send out an SOS message to all your girlfriends saying you need to raid their closet. Start early and go digging through as many friends that will allow you to look and of course share the same size. A perfect way to save money and open your eyes to styles you may have never seen before. In exchange allow your friends to dig through your closet. If you have any great DIY ideas for a pair of your friends shoes to make them more your style, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Old Vintage Prom Shoes

Have you ever taken a look through your mom or even grandma’s closet! Well if you haven’t, we suggest you get right up after reading this and go explore. You never know what your mother or grandmother may have saved from back when they were young and going to their very own prom. How cool would you look showing up to prom in your very own vintage prom shoes. You won’t have to worry about anyone copying your prom shoes this time around! 😉

The Perfect Prom Shoes: Heels

Heels are a necessity in every girls life. Maybe you have one pair or maybe you have thousands. Although you may want a fresh new pair, why not try to transform an already existing pair. Paint the soles of your heels red or a color to compliment your prom dress style. You could even give your entire heels a new paint job. Gluing sequins onto the heels or soles of the heel will give your heels an extra pop!

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