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Stretch At Your Desk


Whether you’re sitting at a desk at home, school, or work, you’re bound to cramp up. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re exhausted and stuck in one place for an excess amount of time. We’re here to show you how to stretch at your desk to remain loose and ready to take on extra tasks!

Tricep Stretch At Your Desk

The key to staying motivated is creating subtle movements. We suggest starting with a simple tricep stretch. While sitting down, raise one arm over your head, and bend it back. For a deep stretch, try reaching the middle of your back with your fingertips. Then, place your other hand on the elbow of your opposite arm. Pull gently until you have reached your limit. Once you feel like that arm is done, or after waiting 10 seconds, switch and do the same routine to your other arm!

Forward Stretch At Your Desk

The next desk stretch is the forward stretch. All you have to do is interlock your hands together as if you were cracking your knuckles. Next, pull your hands inside out and stretch forward. Your arms should be fully extended out in front of you. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, and then release back to a resting position.

Upper Body & Arm Stretch

Finally, there’s an upper body and arm stretch. This is similar to the forward stretch, however instead of extending your arms out in front of you, you’re going to extend them over your head. Interlock your fingers, and reach up to the ceiling for 10 seconds! Be sure to follow your arms with your neck for a complete upper body stretch.

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