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Stylish Loungewear: Work From Home In Style!


Now that we are all working from home, it’s harder to really find the inspiration to get up and dress up for the day. I know I have gotten too comfortable wearing the same outfit longer than I should have, but that’s just the WFH lifestyle right now! Although, I am absolutely loving all of the loungewear that I see on Instagram and other socials. Since no one is trying to wear jeans inside the house (jeans who?), loungewear are the way to go babes. Want to find some stylish loungewear for WFH in style? Keep on reading! 


Missguided is a great site for everyday pieces! Under their loungewear, these two pieces caught my eye because of how simple yet comfortable they look. Since both sets are mostly made out of polyester, you already know they will be super soft and light. You’re in luck because both of these pieces are on sale for $28, so snag your loungewear up before it sells out!

Pretty Little Thing

Also, Pretty Little Thing is a another popular site that sells stylish pieces for the everyday fashionista. The loungewear pieces on PLT have more edge and style to them which I LOVE! With the bagginess of the pearl set, and the stunning, fitted look on the cream, ribbed set, you could even snap a pic for IG with either of these! PLT is also having a 50% off everything sale right now, so make sure to save some bucks gals!


To be honest, I haven’t been one to shop at Zara much, but I am absolutely loving their loungewear sets. The satin set reminds of rich gal vibes with the tapered leg and sleek shape. I mean what’s more chic than a satin lounge set? Most of the time, we think of loungewear being sweatpants, but sometimes they can be shorts! The set on the right is perfect if you live in a hotter state but still want to be comfortable! Also, some of their pieces are on sale, so make sure to snag them!


ASOS is keeping it comfy and chic with their loungewear during this WFH new normal. The style game is on point with their knits with trendy styles such as ribbed pants and cardigans! Even though we can’t really go anywhere, it’s best to feel good throughout the day. Honestly, after quarantine ends, we may have more loungewear than we know what to do with! Shop on ladies! 

What’s your go-to WFH stylish loungewear look? Tag us on Instagram! 

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