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Our Sweet 16 Style Guide


Here at Faviana, we are all about celebration, both of ourselves and of others. Taking notice of life’s milestones is very important, and one of our favorite celebrations is Sweet Sixteen— a rite of passage that is all about celebrating the transition to early adulthood and having fun with friends and family, and everyone that matters the most to us. So if you want to celebrate with us, make sure to read our style guide for the best trends in sweet 16 dresses!


Right now, we are swooning over delicate baby pink sweet 16 dresses (now referred as “Millennial Pink”) and if you follow Glam & Gown’s Instagram, @glamandgowns, you’ll realize just how much we love this color.

We think that pink is not only trendy but also encompasses the femininity and innocence that is typically associated with Sweet Sixteen while still remaining contemporary.

There are so many shades of the color, we think anyone can find one that will be flattering to their own unique complexion, preferences, and style. Here, we chose our favorite pink sweet 16 dresses in some of our favorite styles for every occasion.

On the other hand, there are so many shades of blue and none of them ever go out of style. Blue sweet 16 dresses are a timeless option, bound to look good in every shade and complexion.

If you think about it, we don’t think that anybody has ever said: “I don’t look good in blue”. Everyone looks good in blue! Is just one of life’s facts. We choose our favorite blue sweet 16 dresses in our favorite styles: mega glam, sexy elegance and sophisticated fun.


Of course, you also have to think about the style of the dress and its silhouette, which very much depends on the kind of party you are throwing. Are you going to go all out with a big, extravagant affair and many guests? Are you thinking of doing a small but nice dinner with just your family and close friends? Maybe something that falls somewhere in the middle?

No matter the case, we have you covered with our suggestions of the best styles for every kind of event.

Mega Glam

This is your party and it should be your time to shine. If you want to make an entrance, these dresses will guarantee that you will be noticed, no matter what.

The pink Faviana 11012 and Faviana 11064 in slate are the stuff of red carpets, with their gorgeous siren silhouette and silky, reflective fabric, which looks equally as pretty in both colors. The lace corset tops the cake if what you are looking for is the “all eyes on me” look.

Since both of this dresses are so beautiful in and of themselves, you might want to think simple in terms of accessories and makeup.

But if you really want to go all glam, you should check out our guide for a vintage look, so you can achieve the perfect old-school glamorous look and completely stand out in your sweet 16 celebrations!

Sexy Elegance

Even though we firmly believe that there is nothing sexier than feeling comfortable in your own skin and wearing exactly what you like, there’s no denying that this stunning strapless dress can really make anyone take a double take.

With it’s fitted corset embellished with lace and sequins applications, Faviana 11006 is pretty and feminine and looks beautiful in both wine and aqua. What’s your favorite?

We are not going to lie: there is something completely satisfying about this vibrant shade of pink, falling somewhere between bubblegum pink and pink cherry.

We are swooning over Faviana 11010, with its fun, flowy skirt, and gorgeous embedded V-neck. And that back! This would be the perfect dress to wear with a high ponytail, letting some pieces of hair gently accentuate your face.

What’s best, this really is the type of dress that is elegant and sexy, in every type of figure. If you want to make a fun statement at your sweet 16, this is the dress to go.

Sophisticated Fun

If you are doing something more low-key or you simply like dresses that are comfortable and allow for free movement, you might want to consider using a short dress that is both sophisticated and fun.

We adore Faviana 11025, with its beautiful open back, sparkling satin fabric, and ruched behind. 

If you want to know more about how to mix and match, make sure to read our blog and keep reading to watch our vlog about it!

So here they are, our favorite colors and styles for sweet 16 dresses of 2024. What do you think? Do you have already know the style and color of your dress? Let us by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.



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