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The Age Old Question: Short or Long for Prom?


Every girl obviously wants to look her best at prom. Prom is not just some high school dance; it is a milestone in your life. Prom is the type of event that all your relatives will have pictures of you resting on their mantel for years and years to come. You will look back at those photos for years to reminisce and see how much you have changed. Probably the most important detail related to prom is your dress choice of course! This brings us to the age-old question: do you wear a short or long dress? 

Both dress lengths have their pros and cons but in reality, it’s all about what you can envision yourself wearing. Some schools have the unwritten rule that you wear a short dress to junior prom or homecoming and a long dress to senior prom. Keyword here is unwritten rule; you should still wear what you want and feel comfortable in. Below I have broken down the pros and cons for both options.

The Short Choice

Short dresses are light and fun while simultaneously giving off a classy look like style 7650. With short dresses you do not have to worry about it dragging on the floor or people stepping on it. This will make getting down on the dance floor way easier. Not to mention, it gives you a chance to show off your legs! 

Short dresses are usually less expensive and can probably be worn again (like style 7656). Long dresses usually will be worn again unless you shorten and repurpose it. Another pro to wearing a short dress is you can make your shoes pop and give them the attention they rightfully deserve.  For those of you deciding which shoes to pair with your short prom dress, check out my other blog post all about shoes for prom here!

The Long Choice

Long is the typical answer to this age-old question. Girls will usually end up wearing long dresses or gowns because, unless they have been to a wedding, it is probably the first occasion where is it socially acceptable to wear a long, dramatic statement dress. Long dresses might not show off your legs, but they have other attributes that can make them just as sexy as short dresses like style 7735 with the high slit, open back, and criss-cross front.

On the other hand, long dresses can also give a more elegant appearance (see style 7747 featured above). Another big pro to long dresses is the vast variety of styles to pick from including A-line, mermaid, two-piece and ball gown. If you want the traditional prom look, long is for you.

The Right Choice

At the end of the day you should go with the dress that you tried on and do not want to leave the store without. If you are overwhelmed with choices and do not know where to start, pull both length dresses in all different styles and colors. Take photos of yourself in the dresses to help you narrow down what looks the best on your body shape and what you personally like better via looking at the pictures, like Cher in Clueless.  It works every time!  Eventually you will find your dream dress.

From this point pick the dress you feel the happiest in and you will be happy with your end result. I know this is easier said than done but just try to trust your instincts.

Happy Shopping!



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