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The Craze Around Charcoal Products


Charcoal products have become very popular in recent years. But we aren’t just talking about charcoal. We are specifically stuck in a craze over activated charcoal and its benefits. The ingredient is used to treat multiple medical needs and cosmetic uses. Even though not many of charcoal’s benefits are actually scientifically proven, we still love it.

If you’re even the slightest bit enamored by charcoal’s black appearance, read on to understand the craze around activated charcoal and our suggested charcoal products to try!

Universal Use

Activated charcoal is manufactured to become absorbent by heating natural sources such as coal, wood, and even coconut shells. It is typically a fine powder but has been transformed into many different formulas for different needs.  Charcoal has been long used by civilizations around the world through medical use since its benefits are widely accepted. The primary medical use of the product that physicians learned was the agent’s ability to detoxify the body of harmful toxins. Now, we popularly use activated charcoal universally for minor medical improvements and for skincare regimes. It is particularly trendy because of its visual interest.


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The fact that charcoal is a natural ingredient is a big plus in organically and healthily cleansing your body. Some of the benefits of activated charcoal are its ability to draw out toxins and impurities from the body. Bacteria and other dangerous chemicals are absorbed and brought to the skin’s surface by gently exfoliating. Charcoal products can aid in a wide range of needs including helping internal organs, restoring your pH balance, fighting acne, and so much more!

Different Uses

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Charcoal is used for many reasons with the help of its multiple benefits. Activated charcoal is used by physicians to assist in the kidney function of their patients. When toxins cant be broken down or digested, charcoal is used in filtering these harmful things out. Minor stomach aches that are less serious than kidney function can be cured with charcoal. Charcoal is also used in the filtration process of water for many companies. Again, it naturally helps remove chemicals and fungus, in this case from the water source.

The different cosmetic uses are perhaps more interesting to you, though! Charcoal is not harmful or particularly strong, so it won’t irritate your skin. For a flawless complexion, you may want to start adding activated charcoal products to your skincare routine.  Washing, scrubbing, or covering up with charcoal helps bring dirt, oil, and bacteria particles out of your pores. Minimizing pores and treating acne, once the toxins reach the surface of you skin, you can easily clean them off.

Charcoal is also used to brighten and whiten your teeth. On a larger level, charcoal adds antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, and detoxifying elements to your oral care. While not the most popular use, activated charcoal deodorant absorbs moisture, controls humidity, and reduces smell. If you don’t want to use it under your arms it can also be helpful in shoes and even refrigerators.

Charcoal Products

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So many charcoal products have hit the market including soaps, scrubs, and masks, as well as toothpastes, sponges, and oil blotting papers.

If you’re looking into a charcoal facial soap or cleanser, look for different formulas and textures. You can choose from bars of soap or liquid soap that can help fight acne and blackheads. For shampoo or conditioner, consider a charcoal ingredient to help detoxify your hair of outdoor air pollution. Scrubs are always a good choice because they exfoliate your skin, and adding charcoal will step up the process. Masks help seep activated charcoal into your pores, pulling out any dirt and minimizing your pores.

Organic charcoal toothpaste is interesting because it claims to have the benefits of other toothpastes but with a stronger teeth whitening ability. Bath sponges are said to be harsh on your skin, so go for natural charcoal infused loofahs instead. Since charcoal draws out impurities including oil buildup, maybe consider charcoal activated blotting sheets to use throughout the day as needed.

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