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The Hottest Prom Trends This Season


Every few years, prom trends change and make prom history. Think about old- fashioned prom dresses with the puffy sleeves paired with feathery hair and pastel colors. Believe it or not, that used to be in style. I believe this prom season is going to be the start of a new era. We are stepping out of the super-bling prom period and heading towards sophisticated, understated glamour and Faviana is leading the way!  Let that idea sink in; you will come to the realization of it as you continue to read.

Solid Colors

Keep an eye out during pre-prom; you will notice a lot of black, white and other neutral colors. Unless you choose to make a statement with a bold color (because when will red and bold ever go out of style?), you will see and want to wear mainly pale beiges, tans and blues. In addition, solid color dresses that focus on the style rather than bling, so in this case, less is more. Check out style 7755. Allow the cut of the dress to be enough and do it up by styling it with accessories and your shoes.


Prom dresses are evolving. This season, wearing a prom dress that is, in all actuality, a long skirt and a beaded crop top is totally on trend. Talk about glamour. Say goodbye to the days where your entire gown was made out of crystal beads and weighed girls down. Now the crystals stay on the crop top part of your prom dress and the skirt remains sleek, simple and unembellished. What a groundbreaking combination, like style S7719.

Fancy Neckline

This season a big wow factor is the cut of the neckline of your dress. Necklines are the official first impression of your prom look; it is the first thing you see and makes it into every picture. Like all prom trends Faviana is staying up on this one as well. Be fancy and standout with styles like 7759, S7719, 7750 and S7706.

High Leg Slits

You do not have to wear a short dress to show off your legs. Faviana is giving you a chance to show off your legs with a super high, yet classy slit. The most sophisticated and edgy way you can possibly show up to prom is happening this year! Girls are going to feel like Angelina Jolie this prom season.  Don’t miss out on this trend, look out for these styles: 7784, 7752 and 7716.


Another way to show some skin in a tasteful way this prom season is by choosing a dress with cutouts. Either on the side of the dress or in the back, these cutouts are sure to make your prom look anything but boring. Style S7701 is the perfect example of mixing old Hollywood glamour with modern elegance.

Prom dresses have come a long way and continue to change every year. Whatever trend you decide to follow, keep in mind you are writing fashion history. Be sure to love your dress as you are partially responsible for the representation of your generations’ style for years to come.

Have a fabulous time at prom and let us see your prom pics!  Tag #Faviana on Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.



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