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The Meaning Behind the Location of Your Breakouts


Acne and breakouts are possibly the worst thing ever! Having a pimple pop up is always an inconvenience that we want to cover up. But if these pimples return regularly around the same spot, there is a reason for it. These reasons behind the location of your breakouts may be more serious than you think and require you to acknowledge and treat them. It is also important to take external factors into account. Your skin can tell you a lot about your health, so read on to learn the meaning behind the location of your breakouts.

Location of Your Breakouts: Face Outline

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Face mapping is the method of linking the effects of facial breakouts with causes from your internal organs. The edges of your face include your hairline, ears, and jawline. These areas may be prone acne for you due to bacteria buildup. This can stem from beauty products that are not fully washed off or are not the best match for your skin type.

Hairline & Forehead

Breakouts on your forehead can be caused by hair products that tend to be greasy or have “leave in” formulas like dry shampoo, especially if you have bangs. If you don’t think makeup and hair care are the source of your hairline breakouts, stress and sleep deprivation are most likely the culprits.


Pimples near or on your ears are usually signs of dehydration. In this case, stay hydrated with water and cut down on caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee.

Chin & Jawline

If you keep getting pimples on your chin or jawline, it is correlation with a hormonal imbalance.  They mostly likely pop up around “that time” of the month. This is nothing to worry about but it is something to understand and keep in mind.  Sleep, water, and vegetables should help reduce your chance of a breakout.

Breakout Location: T-Zone

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The T-zone area, which spans from your forehead right above your eyebrows down your nose and to your chin, is where most people break out. The meaning behind it is that this area has the most oil glands. It is more likely that you will get blackheads in this area rather than pimples.

Between Eyebrows

A pimple or multiple smaller pimples in between your eyebrows can be a sign of allergies. For example, these breakouts may represent lactose intolerance or the inability to break down fast food. Breakouts may also show up here after getting an eyebrow wax because it is a sensitive area, so keep that in mind.


When a breakout appears on your nose, there are likely many reasons behind it. Heavy or oily makeup products can cause breakouts. Expired makeup could also cause them so you should update your cosmetics. Look at the expiration information on packaging to prevent this. Eating large amounts of meat and spicy food could actually also be a possibility.

Breakout Location: Cheeks

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Constant breakouts on your cheeks can happen from many different factors, depending on your lifestyle. They can stem from the internal factors produced after eating too much sugar or smoking. Dirty makeup brushes and applicators may also be consistently rubbing bacteria on your cheeks with every use. Cell phones carry a considerably high amount of bacteria, so if you don’t clean yours regularly, making a simple phone call can brew up a breakout.

The location of your breakouts may display internal concerns on the skin’s surface. Your diet, hormonal levels, and built up stress are all possible factors that may need to be identified and treated by a dermatologist. Unsanitary product practices are also deciding factors in how your skin reacts. If you don’t think your breakouts are linked to care products or applicators and you are concerned, you should contact your doctor. Also, If you change up your routine to find the reasoning of your acne and it doesn’t get better within a few weeks, you should make a doctor’s appointment to learn about treatments and solutions.

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