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Bridal Bouquet Meaning


Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life, so it’s obvious that you want everything to be perfect. So why should you fall back when it comes to deciding your bridal bouquet and wedding flowers? Brides have taken special care to choose the perfect floral arrangements and wedding bouquets for centuries!

The language of flowers has its roots in the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria defied the age old tradition of wearing garlands of garlic and herbs and instead chose to carry a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and only a few herbs.

Katie from Orla James believes that flowers carry hidden meaning and have been used to communicate secret messages this practice is still prevalent in some royal houses. She also believes that not all flowers are romantic or positive in nature. Some signify disappointment, illness, and even hatred!

Let’s look at different flowers and what they signify so that you can make the perfect choice for your bridal bouquet


The Meaning of Your Bouquet's Flowers faviana
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Lilies are eternal in their charm. Distinctly different from other floral fragrances, lilies are internationally known for their versatility and are popular amongst brides everywhere. Lilies signify rebirth, passion, purity, and renewal. Elegant and timeless, lilies never go out of style.


The Meaning of Your Bouquet's Flowers faviana

Roses have been the undisputed winners of love for ages. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ better than a bouquet of beautiful roses. Roses have always held a place of pride in wedding ceremonies, love notes, and almost all celebrations. With a stunning fragrance, roses signify beauty, joy, and everlasting love.


The Meaning of Your Bouquet's Flowers faviana

Tulips are the hidden gemstones of flowers. They have a formal, yet frail look about them that is instantly appealing to our senses. Tulips have deeper meanings as the colors change. Red signifies love, while white signifies forgiveness. Yellow tulips have a jaded past and used to signify hopeless love, but now stand for cheerfulness and joy. Tulips also mean ‘consuming love’ and ‘happy years’.


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then a bridal bouquet of lilacs will add to the outdoorsy feel of your theme. Lilacs being extremely versatile can be paired with roses, tulips and many other flowers to emanate a gorgeous fragrance. These flowers symbolize first and forever love. Lilacs also look gorgeous against a white bridal gown.


The Meaning of Your Bouquet's Flowers faviana
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Gardenia is the go-to flower for most brides because of its waxy petals and luxurious fragrance. Gardenias represent familial joy and happiness which is why they are a hot favorite for most bridal bouquets. While being a tropical treasure, ensure that gardenias are available around the time you plan your wedding. If unavailable, speak to your florist in advance so that they can acquire it in time for your big day.

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is one of the more popular choices in a bridal bouquet. Modern brides opt for this flower. Delicate and tiny, baby’s breath signifies everlasting love. The small white flowers in baby’s breath stand for serenity and purity for the long term. It’s no wonder that so many brides prefer baby’s breath in their bridal bouquet!


Freesias are delicate flowers that are verdant in their beauty and heavenly citrusy fragrance. Ranging in colors, they look absolutely stunning against all bridal gowns. Earlier, freesias signified trust, but now they are associated with sweetness, thoughtfulness, innocence, and friendship. Freesias add to the glamor factor in any wedding.


The Meaning of Your Bouquet's Flowers faviana
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Carnations are one of the most underrated flowers in a bridal bouquet. Beautiful in appearance, messed up carnations look breathtakingly lovely and lush. Pink carnations signify gratitude, while white carnations signify love and deep emotion. Avoid using any of the striped variety of carnations. Although pretty to look at, they signify refusal.


Chrysanthemums are flowers made up of tiny petals and come in a riot of colors. While they look similar to daisies, they are definitely not. Chrysanthemums symbolize joy and happiness and are a hot favorite of many outgoing brides.

Flowers have always conveyed deeper emotions and meaning than those we know of today. The Language of Flowers is eternal and lovers across the ages have used flowers as a medium to communicate their love. Whether you decide to opt for one of these flowers or not, ensure that you have a bridal bouquet that elegantly complements your bridal gown and a wedding dress code. No matter what you choose, your bridal bouquet will look gorgeous and you will still be a beautiful bride. All the best for your happy day!

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