The Perfect Pair: How to Match your Dress with your Shoes


 The American woman has about 27 pairs of shoes in her closet. While this number seems a bit high, there are women who own more! With all these options readily available to us, why is it that we can never find the perfect shoe to match our dress? The problem lies in the styles we purchase. Just like a woman’s wardrobe needs staple pieces, a shoe closet must also include key styles. We have compiled a list of rules on how to match your special occasion dress with your shoes. These styles might already be in your closet!


Neutral colors are important to have in your shoe closet. Nude pumps are a great staple to have as they go with almost everything and they elongate your legs. They will perfectly pair with a dress that contains busy prints or embellishments. For example, pair Faviana Style S7611 with a pair of nude, strappy sandals. Wearing bright-colored or embellished shoes, on the other hand, would take away the focus from this beautiful dress. For more on the latest fashion trends and tips, visit Gorgeous Girl!

Complementary Colors


Colors on the opposite end of the color wheel are complementary colors. The pairing of these colors is unexpected and fun. Color-blocking has been a popular trend over the past couple of years. Make sure to be aware of the color wheel when color blocking your dress to your shoes. For example, pair Faviana Style 6428 with a pair of cobalt blue, strappy sandals. The pairing is bold and unexpected.

Color from Print


One of the most challenging dresses to match is one with a busy print. Some women opt for neutral-toned shoes when wearing a printed dress. An ideal option would be to match your shoes to one of the colors in the print. Your shoes will compliment your dress by choosing this pairing. For example, Faviana Style 7658 has a busy sequin pattern of metallics: gold, silver, and black. Choosing a pair of shoes in any of the three colors will compliment your dress. Make sure that the shoe style is simple, since the dress is already so busy with pattern and sequins.



One of the popular trends of the 90’s and early 00’s was to match your shoes to your shirt to your handbag. This matchy-matchy trend was worn even by Kim Kardashian on the Red Carpet! Fortunately, this trend has passed. However, many women still opt for wearing the same color from head-to-toe. Matchy-matchy is only okay when wearing black; an all-black outfit will always remain chic. So, what do you do if you have fallen victim to this matchy-matchy trend? Pairing your dress with neutral shoes is always a safe choice. You could also opt for neutral shoes with texture, like sequins. For example, when wearing a sultry, red dress, like Faviana Style 7543, opt for wearing black strappy sandals or silver gladiators.

Different Shades


If you aren’t a fan of color-blocking, try matching your dress by pairing it with shoes of a different shade. The pairing can be beautiful and not matchy-matchy when done correctly. This option is perfect for those women who used to match their shoes to their dress. For example, pair Faviana Style 7649 with shoes of a darker (or lighter) shade of blue. Keep in mind that your accessories and handbags must be neutral-toned in order to keep the outfit from looking too busy with color.

Pairing your shoes with a special occasion dress can be challenging. There are so many shoe designs and colors from which to choose! When you are out shopping next time, remember to grab a pair of neutral pumps. Opt for buying a pair of red and blue shoes as well to complete your shoe closet. If you follow the above rules, you will walk into your next event in style! Show us how you paired your shoes with your dress by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana and Twitter @FavianaNY!


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