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The Perfect Prom Playlists


Prom is right around the corner and yes, we all love playing dress up from the weeks of intense prior preparation but let’s be real…what you really remember are the songs in the background that will continue to spark milestone memories throughout your life. For me, prom has already passed but I am not going to lie, I still have a handful of my prom jams on a throwback playlist on Spotify; And yes, whenever they come up I can’t help but reminisce the good old glory days. Sometimes I even find myself doing at little head dance at work- speaking of, when we decided to put this post together for you my whole body was movin’ and groovin’. We hope you like our playlists because they will for sure turn your prom night into something totally unforgettable.

You can find any of these playlists on Faviana’s Spotify : FavianaNY

Get Ready With Me – Prom Addition

This playlist is all about the prior intense planning we talked about. When you have all your best friends over the night before prom and you are painting nails, doing face masks and exchanging stories of your prom hopes, this is your playlist! It has the perfect mix of girly lip syncs, current top rank tracks, some much needed throwbacks and do not forget about the must have dance tracks! Get Ready With Me – Prom Addition playlist will be perfect into the next day.  Wake up the next morning and start up this playlist to get you in the groove. Belt Ke$ha’s Tik Toc number with your day ones while you are finishing up your last minute makeup musts! You will thank me later.

Pump Up For Prom

Hair done, nails done, everything done. You are looking like a million dollars. Now you are just waiting for your dates to pick you and your girl friends up. The limo has arrived and this playlist goes on. Pump Up For Prom playlist will have all your favorite pump up tracks on it. From electric dance to the ultimate rap battle songs, you and your friends will sing out.  This playlist will be the perfect pregame to your exciting night.

Perfect Prom Playlist

You are ready for this night! All those weeks of planning has finally come down to this moment. You and your friends walk onto the prom dance floor and are about to kill it with your dance moves. To insure that the night is on its A-game, this playlist is the key. The Perfect Prom playlist is essential to your prom night, it’s the perfect recipe of dance numbers, sing alongs and yes, for you ladies, some slow numbers! Put this playlist on shuffle and let Spotify do the rest of the work!

After Prom Party

You are not ready to end the night and you have prom after party plans.  So, let this playlist be the lyrics for all your feelings. You did it!  Senior year is here and in this moment you are celebrating yourself. You have every right to continue celebrating until sunrise so why not celebrate with this After Prom Party playlist?

Prom Throwbacks

Remember me telling you about how I love my prom throwbacks? Well, this playlist is all about prom throwbacks. No matter if you are 20 years old or 60 years young, this playlist will be sure to get you groovin’ for years to come.

To this day We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus will forever be the song that marks my prom milestone. Faviana and I would love to know what song you think will mark yours- or do you already know? Let us know in the comments below or on your social media: @Faviana_NY & @FavianaNY



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