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The Promposal No One Else Will Have


The promposal no one else will have is one you create special for your prom date. Every person is unique and has different tastes, so your promposal should be the same. Once you get a feel for what your prom date likes, let your imagination flow and get going. Here are some unique prom promposal ideas that you can customize!

The Food Promposal

You can netver go wrong with the famous food promposal! Everybody loves food, but what makes this promposal more unique is choosing your prom date’s favorite food. Anything can be spelled out or written on, so don’t worry about that. Focus on what your date would enjoy eating afterwards with you. This can be a pizza, a box of donuts, cake, or even sushi! Surprise your prom date with this at their house or out to dinner. It’ll be too yummy to pass up, they’re bound to say yes!

The Animal Promposal

Photo Credit: Highland Fling

If your prom date is an animal lover, then this one is for you. Depending on the animals they have access to depends on the animal you choose. Take your prom date to a farm, and ask them for permission in advance to borrow one of their animals. If you or your prom date have pets of your own, then you just saved yourself a lot of time and trouble. Grab the dog, cat, or bunny and get creative with different posters and sayings! An animal is too cute to resist, so how could they say no?

The Sports Promposal

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Watching your favorite sport with your favorite person is great. However, doing a promposal at a game is even greater. If your prom date doesn’t mind an audience and is a die-hard sports fan, then you must do a sports promposal. Whether it’s at a school game or a national one, they’ll appreciate you showing some extra love at a game that they love. Complete a promposal with hockey, baseball, basketball, or football, whichever interests them the most. If either one of you are an athlete, then perform it during practice or a game. For an even more special opportunity, take them out to a sports game. Then choose to use a sign, the players, or equipment associated with the sport to ask. The possibilities are endless, all being very thoughtful!

The Extreme Promposal

Some of us want a promposal that is rarely done since it takes a lot of time and work. If you’re ambitious and have a creative mind, then go with an extreme promposal. This can be as extreme as skydiving with your prom date, to closing part of a street to create your scene. These are very well-thought out and planned, and your prom date will be sure to note that. Remember: a memorable prom starts with a memorable promposal!

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