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The Safest Ways to Tan for Prom


Safest Ways To Tan: Airbrush

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Airbrushing is typically done by a spray tanning technician, covering your entire body with a dihydroxyacetone (DHA) solution. A DHA solution causes the skin to darken, which will make you appear tan! The tan color begins to fade on its own when a person’s skin cells start to wear away. Non-cancer causing and not irritating, it is the preferred method when getting a fake tan. After receiving an airbrush, you should wait at least 8 hours before washing your body so the solution has enough time to completely darken your skin. These tans typically last a week or longer, depending on the individual.

Safest Ways To Tan Tips: Sunless tanners

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Sunless tanning lotions also use DHA to make your skin darker. These work by applying the product yourself directly onto your skin, affecting just the upper layer. You want to apply this both liberally and evenly on your face and body. Gently massage the solution in your skin daily to slowly build-up a natural-looking bronze hue. Keep in mind that it will generally take up to 3 hours before you start to notice a change in color, so be patient! You also want to ensure you pick a self-tanner that is non-staining and streak-free for the best results. Again, this typically lasts about a week before your skin starts to shed.

Safest Ways To Tan Tips: Bronzers

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Bronzers are a different type of tanning product since they are only used for a short amount of time. Most are just worn for about a day, and then are easily washed off. You can find a bronzer in the form of sprays, lotions, sticks, gels, and powders. Nonetheless, bronzer powders are the easiest way to create a faux glow on your face. You apply this directly onto your skin as you are completing your makeup for prom. Just ensure you are using a large brush and only putting it where the sun naturally hits the skin for a more natural appearance. This includes your cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin.

Tips for The Safest Ways To Tan

In order to make your tan last, there are certain protocols you are encouraged to keep in mind beforehand. These include:

  • Exfoliating your skin for a more effective application.
  • Not wearing makeup, deodorant, lotions, perfumes, or any other substance that can create a natural barrier during the tanning process.
  • Ensure that you wear garments you don’t mind ruining since some tanning lotions or applications can stain.
  • After applying your fake tan, make sure you allow it to dry before carrying on with activities.
  • You should complete the tanning process up to 3 days before your event so it is fresh and there’s time for touch-ups!

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