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The Ultimate Prom Squat Challenge


As prom is right around the corner, it is time to start looking and feeling your best! Or if you already had your prom, maybe it’s time to make that summer fitness goal you have been thinking about. Squat challenges are a great way to get yourself into a fitness routine, and are easy for anytime, anywhere. Here is Faviana’s fitness tips: The Ultimate Prom Squat Challenge!

We broke down the challenge into our favorite and most effective squats, and recommend doing reps as you can in a 30 second set. As this is a 30 day challenge, each day increase your time by 5 minutes to build your endurance. Bonus: Scroll down to see Miss New Jersey USA 2016, Jessielyn Palumbo, help us out by demonstrating this challenge!

Mix and match your favorite squats, and get in your best shape before prom!

1. Basic Squat

For this squat set your feet hip-width apart, tighten your stomach muscles and sit down as if you’re sitting in an invisible chair. This squat is easiest with your hands clasped in front for balance.

2. Jump Squat

A jump squat uses the same positioning as the basic squat, but incorporates a small jump each time you come up from the sitting position. For each jump, try to make it quick and strong, this will allow you to get more effective sets in.

3. Narrow Squat

For a narrow squat, place your feet close together, and next do the same sitting down motion from the basic squat. This squat uses slightly different muscles than the basic squat, and is easiest done with your hands straight out in front for balance.

4. Squat with kickback

Use the same hip-width apart feet for the basic squat, and to start each set lower your body into a sitting position. When you come up from each rep, alternate legs and kick back behind you to work out your leg muscles. Be sure to do an even number of kicks with each leg!

5. Reaching Sumo Squat

This exercise has you position your feet wider than hip width apart. Point your toes and knees slightly out, before lowering into a deep squat. Make sure to keep your spin straight for a good work out!

6. Isometric Squat

For this squat start in the crouched position with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart and hands clasped in front of you. As you start your rep, alternate stepping each foot out to the side and tap your toe, before smoothly switching to the other foot.

7. Split Squat

For this squat start with one leg extended about 2-4 feet behind your standing foot. Staying on the ball of your extended foot, lower yourself into a squat. Make sure to do a rep with each leg!

8. Surrender Squat

Assume the same position as the sumo squat, with your legs wide and feet pointed. Each time you lower into a squat bring your arms up above your head in an arching motion, this will get your arms toned too!

9. Curtsy Squat

For this squat, start with your feet and hip-width apart and lower into a squat. When your thighs are parallel with the floor, extend your right leg back behind your left and touch your toe to the floor. Repeat with the left leg!

10. Oblique Squat

For this squat, place your hand behind your head with your elbows pointing out. Next lower into a basic squat, before pushing back into a standing position. As you rise back to standing, lift your right knee up and slightly to the side as high as you can. Do the same with the left knee!

With these 10 squats and increasing your time each day, you can tone up and feel and look your best before prom!

Need a visual? Check the whole video on our Glam&Gowns Youtube channel here!

We hope you have enjoyed this Squat Challenge! Show us your ideas for getting in shape for prom. Let us know your thought or ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY, or commenting on our video.



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