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How to Choose Bridal Accessories? [Faviana Guide]


Once upon a time — well, maybe a few months from now — your magical wedding will take place. On this day, you will delight guests with your smile as the sunlight catches your hair and jewelry. Hello, photo op! Every bride has a wedding-day fantasy, no matter how big or small, and it’s always the little details that matter the most. Here are some expert tips for choosing your bridal accessories.

Stay Authentic to Yourself

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Put yourself first in your accessorizing and styling to remain true to who you are and look your best on your big day. Go glam but keep comfort in mind, too. You’re meant to enjoy your day and not meet others expectations, even your childhood dreams. Be confident in showing off who you are now.

Less Is More

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Why add more stress to your plate when choosing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hairpieces? On top of all you must prepare for, unloading your wedding budget on shiny bling is easy by comparison. You are simply the vessel. Let the jewels drape you with the decadence, but wait — yes, you must pay for all of that. Rest assured, less is more and better for your look and budget on your wedding day. Choose one or two essentials and move on. Besides, you’ll invest in these few special, classic pieces that you can pass down or wear later.

Vintage Inspired Diamond Accessories

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Going “Gatsby” or “Cable Girls” era for your wedding? Pay tribute by choosing Art Deco diamond jewelry, made famous from 1915 to 1935. Going Victorian? Think of your great-grandmother’s age between 1837 and 1900 or Art Nouveau from 1895 to 1915. Complement the diamond’s shimmer with the shade of your dress for more of a fit. When you chose the style of the wedding, you also helped inspire the type of jewelry you’ll wear on the big day. Go ahead and choose a vintage piece to be your “something old.”

Don’t Forget Something Blue



Having trouble deciding on your something blue? Use your accessories! Dark sapphires, blue topaz, turquoise and aquamarine are all beautiful gem options, and blue stones are linked with tranquility. Accent and accessorize with additional flowers and ribbons. Outdoor lighting and scenery by the mountains or a lake will especially show off various blue hues.

Match Gems and Metals

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Match all your gems when choosing jewelry and other accessories to complement your bridal dress. Match your crystals and diamonds. A dark sapphire necklace can echo the blue ribbons woven into your hair for your elegant beach bohemian look, as well as in the small studs in your ears.

Feeling experimental? Harmonize your metals even if you mix them by selecting similar tones, shapes, as well as placement on your body. Stackable rings and bracelets are wonderfully bohemian but you should ask yourself how much noise you want to make when you walk or dance. Rose gold and copper may mix more happily to the eye than bright silver and yellow gold.

Play with Texture

Source: Vogue


You can play with texture for any wedding in any season. Lace gives your wedding dress a romantic and vintage feel, which is perfect to incorporate more florals. Woven shawls and wraps keep you warm and add an easygoing and sophisticated vibe, depending on the textile you choose.

Try Everything Bridal on First

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Selecting the perfect wedding accessories to go with your dress makes for a hard decision. You need to see the items in person and compare them. Take your body shape, hair color, makeup, eye color, style and personal taste into consideration, along with the wedding gown itself.

Always try on items first. When you try on jewelry and accessories, wear a neckline similar to your dress’, in a similar tone if possible. Light reflects so think of the lighting at your wedding venue, too. If it’s outside, walk near a window, but tell the salesperson what you’re doing, so they don’t push the button to call the police. That’s a different kind of runaway bride.

Let your accessory choices highlight your beautiful dress and best features, not overwhelm or weigh you down. When the sun catches on your gown and accessories, you’ll represent your best self and accentuate the happiness you feel on your big day.

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