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Tips For Going Green At May Ball


As America’s high school seniors are getting ready for prom night, the U.K. is gearing up for the legendary college extravaganza: May Ball. This all-night event marks the celebratory ending of exams for Cambridge University, and here at Faviana we have gathered some tips for how to have an incredible night while reducing your impact on the environment. For those of you who are passionate about going green, or are looking to make less of a material impact as you get ready for May Ball, read on!

All Natural Makeup


Natural makeup is an easy way to be kind to the environment and also to your skin. Makeup products are often comprised of harsh chemicals that create waste that is not biodegradable when they are made. Try looking for brands that are chemical free, and better yet, that are packaged in recycled materials. For the animal lover in you, also check out products that do not test on animals!

Take Public Transportation


While a luxury car makes for a fun entrance, take the extra step to save resources by taking public transportation to your May Ball this year. Or get together with your best friends and rent a van that runs on electricity rather than gasoline, reducing your carbon footprint. Sharing a energy efficient ride or taking the train will also save you money, as May Ball can be a big expense!

Buy A dress You Can Wear Again

When browsing for the perfect dress for your May Ball, think about what other events you have coming up this year, and see if you get two things done at once. Long dresses can be inexpensively altered to be a shorter style, which creates a new look from the same dress. We all love to have that one dress for a special event, but realistically you can repeat dresses with the perfect accessories and makeup to mix it up, and no one will ever know.

Recycle Your Dress

Plan to donate your dress after May Ball! Look into local charities and organizations that specialize in recycling gently worn gowns, and give someone else the opportunity to enjoy your special dress. Or shop at vintage stores to find a totally unique dress without having to purchase something brand new. Vintage is not only trendy, but also helps to eliminate material waste in the retail industry. Programs like Faviana’s Upcycle Program are a great way to give back to girls in need, and be gentle on the environment.

No Fuss Hair


Give your hair a break and save energy by eliminating heat tools in your May Ball glam session. Try using cloth rollers for luscious curls, or an all-natural styling gel for your up-do. Simple hair is great for keeping the attention on your dress at May Ball, and the less product and styling your hair has, the longer your look will last into the night.

DIY Flowers


Many May Ball-goers love to have corsages or decorative flowers incorporated into their outfits for the evening. Opt for DIY corsages made from recycled paper or textiles rather than expensive imported flowers, or pick wild flowers from your area. Adding a creative (and cost efficient!) touch to your look will make for amazing May Ball photos.

Another way to ensure that your May Ball is gentle on the earth is to be on the planning committee! Offer to oversee recycling efforts, ensure all food left-overs are composted, or inquire about energy saving lights. An extravagant evening can be glamorous and eco-friendly, with just a few small actions.

Do you have any environmental tips to share? Are you planning to go green for May Ball? Let us know what you think by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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