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Tips For Making Heels More Comfortable At Prom


You have your prom dress, so now it’s time for your prom shoes. Most of you are probably going to go with killer heels, but that doesn’t mean your feet have to kill you all night. We’ve compiled for you tips for making heels more comfortable at prom!

Tip #1 For Making Heels More Comfortable: Break Them In

Photo Credit: Seventeen

When you buy new heels just for prom, you don’t want to get them to get dirty or wear them before the big night. Therefore, you never get to properly wear them in. Before wearing them out, it’s smart to at least wear your heels around the house with thick socks on. This will stretch out your heels, and prevent them from pinching your feet the night of.

Tip #2 For Making Heels More Comfortable: Stretch Them

On top of breaking them in, you can also use some hacks to stretch out your new heels more. Use heat from your blow dryer to soften the material and make it more pliable. As soon as it’s warmed up, you can gently twist and bend the shoes in the center to break them in. Another option is going to the other extreme: freezing. Simply put your heels in the freezer with 2 bags of water in them. As the water freezes and expands, so will your shoes! Take them out after 4-8 hours, and see your newly, stretched heels.

Tip #3 For Making Heels More Comfortable: Use Moleskin

When it’s time to wear your heels, you can easily avoid an uncomfortable feeling with moleskin. Line your shoes with this to create a comfortable padding on your feet. Additionally, you can cut strips of moleskin to match the size of your straps. This will prevent them from rubbing and digging into your skin. If you already have blisters brewing, simply put the material directly over the problematic areas to create a safe barrier. Either way, the fabric works wonders!

Tip #4 For Making Heels More Comfortable: Prevent Blisters

Speaking of blisters, there’s even more ways to prevent them. You’ll be using deodorant throughout the night, so why not rub some on your feet? Seriously, clear gel deodorant can be used on blister points to create an invisible barrier between your feet and your shoes. Preventing friction prevents blisters, so make sure to rub some on your toes, the top of your feet, and the back of your heels. Let it dry, then slip on those prom heels!

Tip #5 For Making Heels More Comfortable: Tape Your Toes

Photo Credit: Seventeen

Hear us out first before doubting this tip. There’s actually a nerve that is split between your third and fourth toe. Therefore, when pressure is put on it, it causes severe pain. To relieve the stress on your toes, simply tape them together with some medical tape or a band-aid! Of course, this option will only work with closed-toe shoes where your toes aren’t exposed.

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