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Top 4 Ways to Remix and Reuse Your Prom Dress


Your prom dress is such a huge part of your prom night, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. But once prom season is over, we’re sure many of you glance at your gorgeous prom dress and wonder, “when will I ever use this again?” The thought probably ran through your head when you bought the dress. Prom dresses can cost several hundred dollars, and to only use it once would be a waste. It deserves to get shown off again and again. Sure, we may be iffy about wearing the same dress twice; especially when it comes to your Instagram photo cadence. Although there is no shame in using it for another special occasion, here are 4 top ways to remix and reuse your prom dress.

1. Halloween Costume

Halloween is a great time to pull out your old prom dress! With a little ingenuity, you can create a one of a kind costume out of an old dress like the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look we created. Other awesome costume ideas would be a corpse bride, zombie prom girl, or even superheros like Spider-woman or Poison Ivy, depending on the color of your dress. If you want to see some Halloween costume ideas with prom dresses, look at Halloween Lookbooks for great ideas.

2. Let’s Get Layering!

Weather your prom dress is long or short, a sweater or cardigan can instantly transform your prom dress instantly. If your dress has a lot of tulle and volume on the bottom, wear a sweater on top. If you have got a strapless dress, wearing collared shirt or lacy tops underneath can give it new life. Maybe you are going on a night out, and you need something to wear. Get your prom dress and wear your favorite jacket on top. There are many layering options to give your prom dress a brand new look for many occasions.

3. Cut & Reuse Your Prom Dress

Cut it up. Sound crazy? It shouldn’t! I’ve made prom dresses into cocktail dresses just by getting them cut! Want a top out of it? Go for it! Is the long, flowy skirt your favorite part? Then keep it and turn it into a cool maxi skirt! Or if you are really feeling creative, take two dresses and make a brand new one. Just make sure if you don’t know how to sew to get a professional to dice it up for you so it has a proper hem. We may not all be sewing machine wizards, but transforming your prom dress into a more casual outfit out is possible.

Just a pair of scissors can do wonders, and this option is much easier if your dress is a two piece dress. Either re-wear the top as a crop top and pair it with your favorite jeans, or cut the skirt into a mini and pair with a loose t-shirt. The sky’s the limit, so get creative!

Pro Tip:  If your prom dress or prom skirt is a fitted jersey fabric, it is by far the easiest to cut into a shorter version. Sometimes you won’t even need to hem it.

4. Donate It

If you don’t plan on reusing your dress, how about donating your dress and letting someone else reuse your prom dress. There are tons organizations that will take your gently used prom dress and give it to a girl in need so she can have an amazing time and look gorgeous at her prom, too. You can research local dress drives in your area or participate in Faviana’s Upcycle Program to donate your dress. 

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