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Top 5 Beauty Products to Get Graduation Ceremony Ready!


Graduation season is rolling around and I am sure you want to look perfect for everyone coming to watch you walk across that stage. Go ahead and let your family take millions of pictures of you, with these five beauty products you will look flawless even after the long, hot ceremony.

Kiss School Goodbye

The first beauty product you must have to be graduation ceremony ready is Wander’s Dual Lipstick. One stick with two color choices is perfect for graduation day. Use one color for the ceremony and have the option to change it up and use the other color at night.

Former Victoria’s Secret model and co-founder/ creative director of Wander, Lindsay Ellingson, knows just how to create the perfect, long-lasting lipstick that is essential for occasions like graduation day.

HINT: Use the discount code: ALLISON15G to receive $15 credit on your first Wander order!

It’s Okay to Cry, as Long as Your Mascara is Waterproof

Graduation means you are going to experience some drastic changes whether that be moving to a different state, going to college or starting a career.

With so much change and relief one feels during graduation, it can be a very emotional day. Nobody expects you have your emotions in check on this big day, but to ensure you look like you have it all together you must invest in waterproof mascara. I am not one for using waterproof makeup products, but when you know you are going to cry, it is a must! I suggest using L’OREAL’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. This is always my go to mascara; I love how full it makes my lashes look. Now you can cry all you want—nobody will ever know!

Product 3: Waterproof Trend

While we are on the topic of crying and waterproof products, you might as well invest in some waterproof eyeliner too. What good is having waterproof mascara if your eyeliner is still going to drip black streaks down your cheeks?

Allow me to introduce you to Revlon’s ColorStay waterproof eyeliner. For top eyeliner, use your usual liner as tears should not mess up the top portion. However, this Revlon product on your bottom waterline is crucial to staying in tip top condition.

Product 4: Shimmer U

The perfect way to enhance your ‘I just graduated’ glow is to highlight! Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks are perfect for this task. Within the packages are five shimmery highlighting colors you can use to enrich your cheekbones and other features. The variety of colors to choose from will give you numerous ways to use this product all year round. This Bobbi Brown product will help you shine all throughout graduation.

Product 5: Perfectly Pinned

Another ‘bobby’ you will most definitely need on graduation day is bobby pins! Pinning your cap is a must. I recommend you pack them the night before so they aren’t forgotten about in the morning. Cap placement on your head will make or break your entire graduation look. I recommend creating ‘X’s with the bobby pins on both sides of your head. Just to be safe place a few random ones in the back too. Nothing is worse than having your cap fall off while walking in graduation.

There you have it, five of the best beauty products to get you graduation ceremony ready! Share your look with us by using the hashtag #Faviana on Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.

Congrats Grad!



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