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Top 5 Makeup Looks for May Ball


You have your May Ball shoes picked out and you chose what May Ball dress style you’re going to wear this year so now it’s time to start thinking about the top makeup looks at May Ball so you can glow from the inside out! We chatted with our expert makeup artist friends here at Faviana and found the top five makeup looks for May Ball this year. Keep reading for new looks to try!

Makeup Looks for May Ball: Polka Dot Liner


The polka dot liner makeup look for May Ball may seem simple, and it is, but it will take your makeup look to the next level! Simply start by lining your upper lid with your favorite eyeliner or even make it into a cat eye. For this look, you will want to make your liner just a bit thicker than you usually do. Next, take a liquid liner in a contrasting color or one to match your dress and draw circles in an uneven pattern across your eye liner. For an added effect, have the dots come out farther than your liner does!

Makeup Looks for May Ball: Ombre Lips

A trending makeup look for May Ball that is at the top of our radar this year is the ombre lip! To create this unique look, first choose your main lip color and coat your lips with this color, leaving the inner portion un-filled. Make sure this base color is one that does not contrast with your dress or accessories. Next, choose a color that is darker than your main base color but still in the same color family. Use this color to fill in the remainder of your lip. Grab a clean lip brush and start blending the edges together and upward to create that ombre effect.

Makeup Looks for May Ball: Cool Girl Cat Eye

cat eye is nothing new, but a glitter cat eye is a new makeup look for May Ball this year! The cat eye isn’t the easiest look to achieve but that does not mean you should shy away from creating one or your own version of one. Start off by outlining the shape of the cat eye with a light liner pencil in a color to match the glitter you are going to later apply. Next, fill in the subtle cat eye shape with a matching shadow to create some depth. Pick up a small brush and your favorite glitter and pack it into your cat eye shape! Don’t worry if you get some glitter where you don’t want it to be, you can always clean that up with a clean shadow brush.

Makeup Looks for May Ball: No-Makeup Makeup

If you’re someone who likes to keep it clean and simple, this makeup look for May Ball is for you! Pick out your favorite tinted moisturizer and apply that all over your face for subtle coverage. Next, take a highlighter (we love Glossier’s) and apply it just above your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and onto your cupid’s bow for a dewy effect. Go over your brows with a brow gel and swipe on a few coats of mascara and that’s it! You just created the perfect no-makeup makeup look for May Ball.

Makeup Looks for May Ball: Upside-Down Liner

Everyone, from stars on the red carpet to street style influencers are rocking the upside-down liner look. It is such a unique way to mix up your makeup look for May Ball and brighten your gorgeous eyes. This look is one of the quickest ways to put a little color into your look. If you are wearing a neutral color dress like black or white this look is for you. Match your upside-down liner to the color of your shoes or purse or even pick a complementary color for your liner. Just pick an eyeshadow or liner in the shade you would like to use and line your bottom lid for a pop of color and some eye definition!

Show us your what makeup look you’re wearing at May Ball this year by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC, too!

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