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Top Easy Edgy Hairstyles


Looking to complete an edgy look for a special event? We’ve put together some of our top easy, edgy hairstyles, and how to achieve a stunning look. An edgy prom look is all about looking sleek, funky, killer, and fabulous. Going edgy is a fun way to try something new if it’s not usually your style, and if it is, here are some suggestions to update your look with edgy hairstyles!

Edgy Hairstyles: Slicked Back

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Start with wet hair, and use a texturizing or volume mousse to add some texture to start this edgy, slicked back look. Blow dry your hair up yet back at the roots and at the crown of your head, so that there is some base volume. Blow dry the sides of your hair and the length so that it is mostly straight, smooth, and back. Run a flatiron over the lengths of your hair for added smoothness, or tousle it a bit for a relaxed look. Brush hair back slightly, (we recommend using a boar bristle brush!) so that you keep the volume, but the hair is slicked back. Finish off with a firm finishing hold hairspray to tame fly-aways and keep your hair in place. From here, you can wear your hair down, or put it up in a sleek back high or low pony!

Edgy Hairstyles: Side-Shaved Braid


Shaving the side if your hair is a cool look, but a big commitment! Achieve the look for one night by braiding the side, with either a french braid or cornrows. Start this edgy hairstyle out with 2nd or 3rd day hair, or use some dry shampoo so your hair has texture and hold. Part your hair on the side, starting where your head starts to curve a bit and make a firm part. Leave the bottom part of the hair to be braided, and pull the rest of your hair back in a clip so it doesn’t get in the way. This is where you can really play up your look! If you know how to cornrow, do three corn rows back on the side, or do one large french braid with all the hair on the side. If you can’t corn row or french braid, you can simply do two or three side twists back. Finally, secure all with thin elastic bands or bobby pins. You can braid all the way to the end, or stop at the end of your head and let your hair flow. Finish this look by straightening your hair for a sleek cool girl look or make it glam with big curls.

Edgy Hairstyles: Half-Up Faux Hawk

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A faux hawk is ultimately edgy, and easy to fake and still be pretty! If you just washed your hair, add a texturizing mousse and blow dry your roots upward to create volume. With dry, second day hair, start by adding texture with dry shampoo, then sectioning hair as you normally would for a half up hair style, and put the back in a low pony out of the way. Tease and add lots of volume to the front and top of your hair by back-combing. Then lightly brush your hair back to smooth the top, and start a braid down the back with the top hair. You can control volume better with a french braid, adding in more hair depending on how much you have and how much you want back. Secure with a clear elastic band, and lightly pull at the braid to add more volume and create a loose look. If you’re not looking to braid, you can do a big twist back with the top of your hair, but be sure to keep the sides smooth and really secure with bobby pins!

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