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Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas


 Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning the perfect gift for the guy who raised the beautiful and confident girl that you are today. As much as a nice tie would suffice, it’s time to get creative this Father’s Day! Does your dad spend his free time at the golf course? Maybe he loves camping and fishing during the weekends? Or he’s content playing with new gadgets he finds online? Whatever he likes to do, keep reading because Faviana’s guide to Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas has you covered.

The Outdoorsy Dad

Of course, the best gift to give your nature-loving father would be to accompany him on his next excursion to the great outdoors. But if you’re still looking to buy something he’ll love, we have the top father’s day gifts for your outdoorsy Dad.

ENO SingleNest Hammock: These cool and comfortable hammocks come in an array of colors for a very reasonable price of $60. The best part is that they’re extremely portable and you can fold them up and put them back in their bag in minutes! And really, who doesn’t love hammocks?

Man Crates’ Outdoor Survival Crate: Your dad will be very intrigued and maybe even confused when he receives a wooden crate from you, but he will be equally happy when he opens it to everything he needs for his next camping trip! Man Crates are personalized crates for every type of Dad but your outdoorsy guy will love this one just for him. It provides everything from a field manual to a fire-starter and even beef jerky – definitely worth the $110 price tag.


The Tech-Savvy Dad

Not sure what to get your dad who wants every new gadget on the market? He’s a few ideas that will be sure to make your technological dad happy.

Amazon Echo: This is the future, people! Amazon Echo is your own personal assistant that can do anything from ordering an Uber to playing you music to reading you a book and so much more for $180. All you have to do is set her up and start talking! Your Dad will love her; but we promise, she won’t replace you.

LTSN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker: This small, wireless speaker will play your Dad’s favorite tunes while also pleasing your mom with its attractive look. For $100, your favorite guy will be sure to love it.


The Sporty Dad

If your Dad can’t stop watching ESPN, here are a couple of the top father’s day gifts for your favorite sports fanatic.

Ball Park Blueprints: Buy your old guy a vintage blueprint of his team’s stadium to commemorate them in style. You can purchase this for $185 and it’s worth it if you’re pleasing your dad by letting him support his team while also going well with your home décor.

Corknet Ping Pong Set: This set can transform any table into a table tennis table.
Simply stand these cork mats up a table of your choice and you’re ready to play! For $60 it’s a good price compared to a whole ping-pong table and it also doubles as a stylish trivet. Just beware: He might challenge you to a game or two.


The Classic Dad

Does your Dad not fit into any of these categories? Did none of those previous gifts really seem like something your Dad would want? Well, we have that covdred too! Here are a couple of gifts any Dad would happy to receive:

Dollar Shave Club: Your Dad will never have to go to the store for a new razor again! With a Dollar Shave Club subscription, a new razor will be sent right to your house each month. You can send him a gift card so he can pick out what he wants or gift him a year on their exec razor subscription that includes six stainless steel blades, an edging trimmer, and post shave for $140. You choose what fits into your budget. Your Dad will thank you for helping him look sharp and clean.

Bespoke Post: Similar to Man Crates, Bespoke Post are boxes personalized for your guy. What Bespoke Post does differently is that it is a subscription. Choose the box that fits your Dad the most and then choose whether you want one, three, six, or twelve months worth of boxes. There are so many to choose from and I know you will find just the perfect one.

No matter what you get your Dad, he will appreciate the thought and love that went into it – even if you just end up getting him a card. He truly is just happy to just spend time with you and it’s important that we celebrate the guy that’s been with us from the start. Happy Father’s Day to all the special guys out there and don’t forget to let us know if you got anything by commenting below or tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.


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