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Trending Nail Colors For Summer


Summer has arrived and you know what that means. Going to the beach, sleeping, swimming, and relaxing. One of the activities I partake in to practice self-care is getting manicures and pedicures. There are hundreds of colors to choose from when going to the nail salon, but here at Faviana we have come up with a list of trending nail colors that are taking over social media that you might want to try out for the summer in order to create your dream nails.    

Rose Gold

Photo Credit: Amazon

Rose Gold is a combination of gold, silver, and copper and in turn it creates this stunning light pink and peach color. Rose gold catches the eye and provides the illusion that your nails are shining. If you are like me, some nail polish colors don’t look that fabulous on me because of my light complexion. The great thing about rose gold is that it looks great on a wide variety of skin tones and looks fancy without even trying too hard. Now, who doesn’t like that?! Try this color out next time with gold prom dress to create the perfect gold shining look.

Lemon Yellow

Photo Credit: Vampy Varnish

If you are bright and bubbly, then this lemon yellow nail polish will be your new best friend during this summer season. This yellow color screams inviting, but also is not blinding at first glance. Try wearing this color with white cocktail dress to create the perfect summer kissed look!

Fearlessly Alice

Photo Credit: Cosmetic Sanctuary

Sky blue nail polish is the perfect way to bring the spirit of the summer right to your fingertips. This light blue shade called “Fearlessly Alice” comes from OPI’s “Alice Through The Looking Glass” collection. Try this color with blue cocktail dress for your next special occasion this summer for the perfect look!

Hot Pink

Photo Credit: OPI

“On Wednesdays we wear pink” is one of the most iconic quotes of all time from the movie “Mean Girls.” For the summer, pink nail polish is the perfect choice because not only is it bright and fun but it is also feminine and chic. If you want to be bold this summer season, try this hot pink color with pink cocktail dress to create a shiny style!

Periwinkle Blue

Photo Credit: Vampy Varnish

If you are looking for a nail polish color that is out of this world, then periwinkle blue is your shade. Not only is this shade bold and bright, but it has glitter and creates an iridescent sheen that is absolutely gorgeous. Try this color with purple cocktail dress to create an eye-catching look this summer!

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