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How to Make Waterproof Makeup?


Waterproof makeup is easy as long as you have the right products and equipment. You’re going to be surrounded by water and sweat all summer long, but luckily, you can still wear a full face of makeup without worrying. To survive the heat and make your makeup last, try these waterproof makeup tips!

Prepare Your Face

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Just like any good makeup look, you need to prepare your face to make your makeup waterproof. Start by washing it with your favorite face wash for a dry and clean surface. Then opt for a BB cream with SPF that will stick to your skin and act as your foundation. Not only will you be protected from the sun, but this long-lasting formula will guarantee waterproof coverage. Next, you can use a contour palette to lightly contour your cheeks, jawline, and side of forehead for a natural bronze.

Waterproof Body Concealer

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Summer is all about showing maximum skin, but some of us may be self conscious of blemishes, bruises, scars, or spider veins. Besides covering up your face, you may want to look into a waterproof body concealer. A brand like Dermablend is perfect for covering large body areas that won’t get washed away in the pool or at the beach. Plus, it even contains sunscreen to save you a step!

Switch to Super Powder

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A great way to make your makeup waterproof is to cover it up with the big guns. We’re talking about pressed powder that is super matte and super lasting. This type of product acts like blotting papers on your face, sponging up sweat and water for a long-lasting matte finish. Most powders also contain salicylic acid, which prevent blemishes, too! Check the powders you are using and see if you need an upgrade.

Waterproof Makeup for Eyes

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We can’t get away from eye makeup during the summer, and that’s okay! You can play with water-friendly eyeshadows, which skip harsh blending and filling in the crease. Stick with one color from Hard Candy’s new Shadowholic, designed to last up to 12 hours in any summer condition. For your eyelashes, we recommend using a clear mascara or Vaseline in place of mascara. This will give your lashes volume and length without the raccoon effect!

Seal Brows Against Water

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Let’s not forget about your eyebrows! Full, defined brows are definitely in style, and you can still rock them in the summer. You can easily waterproof your eyebrows before a sweat or swim session by sealing them first with a clear wax pencil. Then, lightly fill in your brows to give them shape and definition using a waterproof brow pencil. Use clear gel to hold it in place, and you’re set!

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